SCOTUS strikes again!

I get back from a week long relaxing cruise to find my country falling further into the pit of valuelessness and socialism, simply because 9 people have an agenda to push.  Or they have a twisted version of what our founding father meant and were just poor choices for the SCOTUS.  Either way, I can only ask… should I be surprised?  Should anyone?

We are a sin scarred world and despite our founding father’s best laid intentions, any systems will get corrupted by humanity and it selfish short fallings.  In response, I wrote this on my Facebook:

I came home to a lot of SCOTUS decisions that I do not agree with. But I can’t expect things to change just because I want them to. All I can say is that Love is the most important thing to Him and I need to push back the sinful self in me and show more love. And trust in Him that there is a plan because this is beyond me and not in my hands. So I pray for this country and its direction while at the same time focusing on what is important to me and what I can control – me and my family.

Now all that is true but my leftist friends completely misinterpret this as a statement of capitulation and acceptance, which is in no way the truth.  The issues in question are far greater than me or my family.  Simply, put, I can only do so much to change the world and it starts with my family, especially my children.

I am also a firm believer in prayer, and this country needs it.  I leave it in his hands and have faith that things are going according to his plan and that all will answer for their sins in the end.

Until then, I am going to be a good steward of what I control.  I will teach my children to hate the sin and love the sinner.  That, of course, is the biggest challenge to the Christian human condition.  How to show love to the human being that is willingly and unashamedly sinning in your face.  If it was easy, He would not have asked us to do it.  It is our sin-scarred selves that wants to show that hate to the person.  It is so much easier to do that because the person is tangible and sin is… well, not!

Despite what my leftist friends think, I am going to teach my family that gay marriage is wrong and that expecting a hand-out from the government is wrong.  I am going to place that stigma on both and my children will learn why.  I am going to teach them to vote for the people that support those views – those that will return the power to the states to decide on gay marriage and those that will repeal Obamacare one way or another.  I am going to teach them that homosexuality is a sin and marriage is meant for a man and a woman.  We are going to attend and support churches that believe that and refuse to perform same-sex marriages.

At the same time, I will teach them to never hate the opposition. Love thy enemy.  Pray for them for they are misguided by a sin scarred world.  And never expect anything short of sin from this world.  I will tell them to never be surprised on how depraved and corrupted by sin it is.

This is not acceptance.  This is, however, tolerance.  You are being tolerated.  You are engaging in just another sin in a sin scarred world.  We will pray for you and this country.  This is all we can do.  It is in HIS hands.

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