SDF Cybernetic Drawback

SDF Cybernetic Drawback

You may safely possess a number of cybernetic enhancements equal to your Wisdom score +1. For each cybernetic enhancement installed within your body past this limit you permanently lose 1 point of Conviction.

Also for every cybernetic enhancement, gain 1 CFD Point.  Grafting metal and plastic to your flesh is a dangerous procedure that slowly erodes your humanity. Your CFD Potential is equal to Charisma – CFD points.  If your CFD Potential  is -5 or less by the addition of cybernetic enhancements then you become a victim of CFD. As a victim of Cybernetic Fixation Disorder, you are driven insane, bent on having more and more cybernetic enhancements implanted into your body. Once you succumb to CFD then you lose your status as a hero and become an insane, homicidal character controlled by the Narrator.


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