Sedition Wars minis

Sedition Wars minis

I am working on some minis that I got for free at MACE 2016.  It’s a board/mini combat game called Seditions Wars: Battle For Alabaster.  Apparently it did not do well and the rules are not good.  I don’t care about the game itself, and have no intention of playing it, but the minis are cool.

However, as I am finding out, the detail is way too small.  The Krylon primer covers up much of the small detail.  I tried to make it work but still struggling.  Some detail did not come out the way I wanted it too.  Since I did not pay money for these, I don’t feel bad trying new things and doing different things.  I find that I definitely like painting plastics more than metal, not sure why.

As I finish them, I will post them here in this gallery.


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