Selurr D’lant

Selurr D’lant

A Star Frontiers Character Background

The Halogai’ were a proud people. Selurr was as proud as any despite the hardships he had faced throughout his life. His people see every challenge or hardship as a battle that must be won. This has been a deep seeded creed within his people, his tribe (Roq’til) and his family.

Selurr’s homeworld was a long forgotten colony on the border of human and Halogai’s space. Unfortunately, it was also not far from Sathar space. When the sathar started the wars with the UPF and the Frontier, they also reached out into other directions. Once planet they invaded was Seluur’s homeworld.

Selurr’s family (Father Darg’not and mother Triana) along with hundreds of humans and halogians, were taken prisoner and enslaved on the Sathar world of Yaganor. For many years, he endured the harsh slave camps of the Sathar. Selurr was born in captivity. It wasn’t until early adult hood that the young Selurr was told of his fathers work with a resistance within the slave population. One day, these sathar will learn the pain of a Roq’til wrath.

Selurr was welcomed into the resistance as a warrior but he wondered by had they not acted yet. What were they waiting for? The right moment, my son. Selurr grew impatient as he worked for his father. This impatience became a point of contention between him and his father. You are too cautious, father. We must strike at the heart of the Sathar.

The battles they engaged in were small supply interruptions. Nothing that Selurr felt was historic or epic enough to be worthy of a Halogai’s warrior. His impatience grew until all at once, the Sathars raided his family’s hutt and took his parents away.

Leaderless, the resistance fractures until Selurr was able to bring thing back together and mount a massive assault to free the people. The Sathars abandoned the camp and before they could retake it, the Federation Fleet arrived to eliminated all the Sathar forces. Selurr was celebrated as the Slave King of Yaganor.

The found his mother and father in a prison nearby. They were both near death. His father weekly handed him a golden medallion of a griffin holding two fiery stars, their tribal crest.

“Keep this. Find and reunite our pride. There lay your destiny. You will be celebrated as a king. Take your litter siblings and feel true freedom. The Pride of the Roq’Til lives in you.”