Adventure: Separate but  Equal

Adventure: Separate but Equal

Another Adventure idea that I jotted down but never followed through with.


PCs will act as first contact between their hiring company – CDC – and the Syro resistance on planet Tharla.  Against government orders, they plan to evacuate the Syros and resettle them somewhere else (and in return, tie them to a multi-generational contract to colonize their new home to the benefit of CDC).  Their argument is that noninterference has already been broken.

The PCs will go in not know the origin of the Syrotharians.  They will have to avoid contact with Star Law and Tharlian Agents.


In the centuries that followed the collapse of the Terran Expanse, a stray life pod holding a group of humans (both male and female) in stasis lands on a remote planet.   There, they were released and discovered a primitive world with a semi-human native species – the Thalians.  They end up integrating and mating with them to create a new sub-race – Syrotharians.

Centuries later, the UPF receives a distress call from the subrace – a call for help from a suppressed and dying race.  A war with the Tharlian race is wiping the Syrotharians out.  This world has never been contacted before.  The Syrotharians has been segregated, enslaved and oppressed from the regular population since they were first recognized as a subrace.  Somehow, even through the centuries, the human traits remained in the genetic lineage.  Due to specific genetic traits, the human traits have remained dominant.


Tech Level:  Due to ongoing wars, the primary advancements for the Tharlians have been in warfare tech.  The Syro have stealing tech from their oppressors for generations.    The overall technology level is just below that of any Alliance world except in two aspects.  Weapons are considerably better and space travel is considerably lower.  They have only established a few colonies in their own system.

[Sovereignty of Man] Deal:  The Tharlians have a secret deal with the [Sovereignty of Man] – Mining rights in exchange for support.