Session 11.0: Hounded, Harried, and Hired

Session 11.0: Hounded, Harried, and Hired

DATE: 2017-02-03

The players were framed as being involved with the Autonomous Front and hunted by the Guild Guard.  A man named Ocker appeared our of the crowd, saying he will lead them to safety.  He then lead them down into the sewers where they meet several Sewer Jackal pups on the hunt. After easily dealing with them, Ocker lead them down further into something beneath the sewers – the lost city hidden beneath Nestora.

They stumbled across some strange looking beastfolk underdwellers trapped by larger version of the jackals they fought earlier.  Those chose to help them only to find out more of the jackals were hidden in the shadows.  The battle was grueling but they were able to successfully save the beastfolk.  Only one could speak common and her name was Tana.  They helped them heal upa nd offered to help them find the surface.  They lead them deeper into the ruined city, but something was strange about these creatures.

Coming to an open area many streets and ruined buildings, the beastfolk stopped. Tana let out a wolf like howl and said something about an offering to something called the “Kynagidas.”  A wolf like howl could be heard in the distance as if to answer. The Kynagidas was on the hunt.

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