Session 12.1 Treasure from the Stronghold

Session 12.1 Treasure from the Stronghold

Coins: 11,600 sp

Assorted Gems

Gem Value Magic Association
Alexandrite x2 700 gp Water Arcane
Amethyst 70 gp Sound Arcana**
Black Opal 1000 gp Fate Arcana
Black Pearl 600 gp Fate Arcana
Blue Star Sapphire 1000 gp Ice Arcana*
Brown-green Garnet 100 gp Heroic Arcana
Carnelian 50 gp Fire Arcana
Chrysoberyl 110 gp Fate Arcana
Deep Blue Spinel x2 1100 gp Heroic Arcana
Hematite 20 gp Magic Protection
Iolite 50 gp Heroic Arcana
Malachite 20 gp Magic Protection
Moss Agate 10 gp Fate Arcana
Zircon 50 gp Vocal Arcana*
 TOTAL VALUE 9760 gp


Arcane Scroll (Magic Circle against Chaos/Evil/Good/Law (375 gp), Solid Fog (700 gp)) (total 1075 gp)

Arcane Scroll (Misdirection (150 gp), Protection from Energy (375 gp), Lesser Globe of Invulnerability (700 gp)) (total 1225 gp)

Ring of Minor Spell Storing (18000 gp)

Wand of Lightning Bolt  (34 of 50 charges)  (7650 gp)

Bracers of Armor (+3)

TOTAL VALUE: 27950 gp


Heavy Blaster Cannon

Case of Blaster Rifles (x8)

Case of Frag Grenades (x24)

Rocket Pack x2 (no power)

Suit of light armor x2

Various cybernetic parts

Computerized Gauntlet