Session 14.0: Into the Worm’s Gullet

Session 14.0: Into the Worm’s Gullet

SESSION DATE: 5/5/2017

Side Adventure based on the one page adventure Into the Worm’s Gullet.

As part of a deal with Davani the Junkmaster, self proclaimed Rust Queen of the Wastes, the party ventures into the Wastes and close to the Divide to retrieve a treasure she seeks – an Roby-red Orb not unlike the one they carry.

They group is taken to the stone “carved” Worm Maw Caves.  Once home to the Duraski tribe of dwarves, the region is corrupted with chaotic magic of the Chaos Wars.  The Duraski are now mutated versions of their former selves lead by a large fanatical creature called the Umber Durask.  Also found inside these caves are mutated stone creatures, horrible toxic oozes and an Earth elemental that seemed to guard the orb.

This marks the third Orb they have found, all of which have merged into the original.  No sign of why or what it means, however.