Session 17.0: The Sky is Falling

Session 17.0: The Sky is Falling

DATE: 2017.06.23

New Party member Vigo was sent by the Baron on a two-fold mission.  The first is to make contact with the party and make sure they were alright.  The Baron was concerned.  The second was help Vigo find his friend, fellow halfling and treasure hunter Raz Fallohide.  Raz had gotten caught up in something dark and sinister involving a radical doomsday cult and Vido was concerned for his creche brother.

After tying lose ends off at Tambrel, the party followed a series of clues.  Raz had gotten himself in considerable trouble.  He had stolen an artifact from a rich elven noble, who in turn sent bounty hunters after the halfling.  He was trying to piece together something called the Godshield, a powerful shield that apparently can withstand a divine attack.  Clues lead the party to the Mines of Vajdana.

At Vajdana, a small hobbit stood out.  It was primarily a dwarven settlement.  It did not take long for the party to find the trail of Raz leading to an old Dwarven hermit scholar that lives in the hills near the mine.  But they were not the only ones to arrive.  The bounty hunters too found their way to the hermit.  Battle ensued.

Saving the hermit from the hands of the bounty hunters, he revealed that Raz was indeed in search of the Godshield but it in fact was not a physical shield.  The artifact Rax carried was a simple token celebrating the completion of a massive project during a pre-Cataclysm Saurian Regime.  The nature of this project was not entirely clear because the artifact – a shield- was incomplete.  But it did lead Raz to a new location – a temple of the Long Night Cult.

The temple was an old abandoned observation station from a pre-Cataclysm time.  Scouting the area found that there were several bounty hunters inside hold Raz hostage.  Rescuing him was going to be a challenge, but so was leaving before the Cult returned to their Temple.

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