Session 05.0: Save the Beer!

Session 05.0: Save the Beer!

Keg-E, Gurlock’s trusty robot, comes stumbling into the Pegasus requesting help in saving Gurlock and his caravan from brigands.  A bettle ensures between 10 White Hawks and the team.  The White Hawks came out on the short end of the stick.  The Beer was saved!

After a successful delivery and yet another beer soaked party at the Pegasus, they are asked to accompany Gurlock to his manor, Brew Core.  Enroute to Brew Core, they encounter two abandoned vehicles that appear to belong to a family.  A trail of slime and blood leads them to a cave opening, inside of which is a strange catacombs.

{ This is a side adventure inspired by The Tombs of the Whispering Worms.  I converted it to Titansgrave/Fantasy AGE, changing a few motivations, the nature of the worms and the nature of the tomb.  It’s not a tomb – in your best Arnold accent – anymore. }

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