Session 08.0:  The Vermin of Brew Core

Session 08.0: The Vermin of Brew Core

Session Date: 8/12/2016


The party returns to Gurlocks manor, Brew Core after a long and hard road, dealing with precariously ancient roads, cantankerous dwarven extortionists manning questionable toll stops, and constant car trouble along the way.  The enjoy an incredible party that finds the party members in awkward conversations with Gurlock about past crimes, exploring the depths of his manor to find his prized possession – a magic tankard that makes every beer the best of its kind – and meeting his daughter who has an interesting interest in the thieving and adventuring skills of one of the characters.

The morning was met not only with a hangover like non other for most of the party, but also new dangers and perils.  The Brewery has been invaded by strange entities deep in the lower levels.  Systems were shutting down and workers were being killed.  The group as new employees of Gurlock, bravely journeyed into the depths of the ancient brewery.

They encountered a creature not seen in hundreds of years – the Hellions.  They proved to be a quite challenging foe.


The Trizgarian found out that her father had visited Gurlock on his most recent journey and left something behind for her.


Was visited by a ghostly figure associated to the Orb


Journeyed deep into the manor, feeling like he was lead by the Orb.  He was brought to a cartography or drafting room where the ball jumped out his hands and landed on a table with paper.  It proceeded to draw a partial map using magic.

Ba’Vek was also received a message from his mother, indicating dire circumstances.



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