Sessions 23 – 24: Operation Snowfall

Sessions 23 – 24: Operation Snowfall

Dates: 10/19/2011

Where: Mhemne Homeworld

After arming the resistance group with the stolen weapons, the party set out to plan a global attach on as many IMPP stations as they could. All but one was accessible from the surface (one being under water) and all were within reach of some resistance force. It took weeks for the network to arm itself, get trained and prepare for a major assault.

The major assumption was that the entire IMPP network was controlled by a central AI. If the group attacked the controlling IMPP, and somehow disabled or otherwise controlled the central AI, then the entire network and any forces on this world would be at least severely crippled. The party continued to debate on whether to connect up the two Crystalline Entity “hearts” to the system but they decided to cross that bridge when they got to it.

The controlling IMPP facility was the heaviest guarded so the plan was to use a “Trojan horse” approach to the attack.  Capture one of the Hunter/Scavenger units and ride it back to the facility.

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