Sessions 29 – 33: The Lighthouse Intrigue & Riddles

Sessions 29 – 33: The Lighthouse Intrigue & Riddles

Dates: 6/20/2012 to 8/8/2012

Where: Lighthouse Station, Libertas System

The Lighthouse was a flurry of activity upon arrival to the Libertas system.  The Libertas Incident was developing into a interstellar diplomatic firestorm.  Voidcorp wants to distance itself from any actions taken by their employees in the Libertas system.  The Zebulon’s Expanse delegation representing the Council of Worlds and several independent interests from the Expanse also has their own agenda with respect to the Libertas Incident but all on the surface want to turn it into a diplomatic opportunity and a chance to help a people out from both sides.

The Lighthouse itself has always been shrouded in mystery, surrounding primarily the Star Drive and the AI that controls the ship.  Built by the even more mysterious Orlamu Theocracy, it is now the center of diplomacy and Galactic Concord rule in the Verge.  It’s appearance in the Libertas system is unprecedented.

On arrival, the diplomats immediately scramble to meet with the party to hear their side of the story, debrief any intelligence they gathered and learn all they can about the people of Libertas – the Mhemne.  All the Stellar Nation factions are represented as well as a few Verge factions.  On arrival, they learn that they Zebulon’s Expanse delegation would be arriving in another day, station time.  Not far behind them as a fleet of merchant ships full of trade goods from the Expanse.

While others dealt with their factions and their agendas, Eda was greeted by a message from a long lost friend.  Finding him dead in his apartment was not part of the plan.  Searching his apartment found clues of what he was working on before his death – something related to a Warhulk – a relic of the second galactic war, all of which were supposed to have been decommissioned and destroyed by the makers, the Starmech Collective.  Apparently there was on left, and her friend, Kenora Degoran, had collected data on this particular WarHulk and hid it in three micropchips through out the station, hoping Eda would follow his clues and find it before someone else did.  He left complex riddles that he knew Eda could figure out to find each one.

Data 1 Clue 1

He’s not nimble but he’s dark.

A high and low combine.

If you can stand it, you might win.

Hit me baby one more time!

Data 1 Clue 2

I live with more

Than two score

(Some of royalty).

But of them all

One I call

Brother – twin of me.

I make them laugh

With my staff,

Foster gaiety

And when a deal

Must be real,

You get rid of me.

First clue lead to a old Earth-style Casino owned by a old Earther.  Independently owned, the local station mob was trying to take over his casino.  The party just so happen to arrive just as the local mob was making it last move to take over the casino.  The party was integral in turning back the siege of thugs and came out heroes once again.

Data 2 Clue 1

A kind and giving matron

Set ‘twixt love and war.

Generous with her bounty

Sharing with her store.

Mother inescapable,

As all her children learn;

Regardless of their wandering,

To her they all return.

Data 2 Clue 2

Metal I am, though liquid my state.

Upon winged feet I am seldom at late.

Sponsor of thieves, and bold deceits spun,

Number me eighty, or number me one.

The second clue lead to the Earth ambassador, and his pride and joy – immense model of the Solar system.  Hidden on the model of the Mercury station was the chip.  All Eda had to do was seduce her way there.

Meanwhile, someone wanted Kima dead and made it obvious.  Sending a beast called a Vorox after them in a lower cargo area, after setting a trap that only Kima would fall into, Kima took a near mortal hit and if it wasn’t for the quick action of their new party member – the Z’Fraal The’Tha, he would have died.  Seeing hits as an opportunity, they staged Kima’s death and decided to use it in the final clue.

Their renown as the Heroes of Libertas was spreading, especially after the casino incident.  The death of Kima on the station was an embarrassment to the Galactic Concord and the Zebulon’s Expanse.  Both sides scrambled to save face.

Data 3 Clue 1

I once was a great mausoleum,

But, cursed, I became a museum

‘Twixt all my points, five.

Some were buried alive.

Now others line up just to see ‘em.

Data 3 Clue 2

I march towards my foes.

I attack to my flank.

I metamorphose

When I reach eighth rank.

My team contains those

Who cannot pull this prank.

Meanwhile, the final clue lead to the Thuldan Empire’s ambassador and his elaborate Chess set collection.  One of the pawns had the chip placed on it.  Obtaining it proved to be a challenge – a chess challenge with the ambassador himself.  While they obtained the pawn, they lost the game and in doing owed the ambassador two favors – one for now and one for later.  The first favor involved intercepting a clandestine deal between the Galactic Concord and the Humans of the Zebulon’s Expanse.  Behind the Vrusk’s back and against their wishes, the Humans have agreed to pass on Zebulon human DNA for analysis to see if they are connected to Earth humans or are they a totally new strain of humans.  The battle was challenging and the party worked hard not to be non-lethal but other interested parties interrupted and made even more difficult but the mission was accomplished with even more interesting revelations.