Sgt. Brophar Tofarain

Sgt. Brophar Tofarain

Human Starship Mechanic, played by Chris Jarrett


Tofarain was enjoying the latter years of his life running his own repair facility in Kal ‘Shebbol ‘s starport until the New Republic stepped in. His repair hangars and machine shops were a casualty of the fighting that forced Moff Sarne to flee Kai’Shebbol. A mistargeted concussiOn missile landed right in the middle of Tofarain’s repair bay, obliterating his storehouse of spare parts, most of his machinery, and several small starships he was repairing. Luckily, Tofarain and his crews had already taken shelter from the attack in a local tavern down the street.

After the Mission was over

Remained behind in the Kathol Sector after turning down a New Republic position on the NRS RedBlaze. He acquired a new ship, and became a major political figure with the Free Traders of Kathol. He also formed a similar organization for the Minos Cluster.

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