Two Minbari and a Narn – TMAN

Minbari Soldier formerly of the Wise Aces mercenary group (played by Bill Boivin).

Former slave of a banished Warrior clan, he is now the manager of a new Mercenary group based out of B5, financed by two mysterious benefactors.  He is very independent and most especially feels no allegiance to the Minbari race.

Generated Background

Legitimate – raised by father

2 siblings, first born On a colony world – forest world. Born in a submersible vehicle. 3 unusual occurrences

Mother died during birthing.

Born after something wonderful happens. When the world was freed from slavery. Father had  1 occupation- adventurer/professional hero. Always leaves his mark and only I know it.

Adventure on a glacier world. During a rescue mission the government changes and imprisons me. The slavery served as a special punishment

Something good happens. Inherits 10 x money

Something bad happens. Rival is alien. Insulted a Drazi and he hates me bitterly.  Get a friend. Relative. Jaded taste. Addicted to alcohol

Have an adventure on a desert world. Stowaway. Found ruins of an ancient lost civilization and I have no recollection of what happened to me while I was there. Was a stowaway again and got lost on a cold sleep ship where I met a female.  Inherit property – An asteroid/mine. Gained the following traits – Wise, honest, vengeful, suspicious, creative, and aloof

Background: Grew up in a lower caste and as a slave on a colony world. He is a non-traditional Minbari. Warrior caste enslaved lower castes on his home world, much to the dismay of the Gray Council. For years, the GC did not know about it. The Warrior Caste Clan in charge of this world was ruthless and cruel.

Sha’lan has chosen to become a warrior as part of his plan for revenge.

  • need to give him a target – a Warrior Caste leader that was complacent in the slavery
  • need a name for the colony/homeworld
  •  It is perhaps abandoned now.

Homeworld Conspiracy

As part of his contacting of the Minbari diplomatic team, Sha’lan had to identify himself. Knowing the name is associated to his homeworld, this drew some attention

Homeworld ideas

  • Antra System (GG 125) – A Minbari underground colony built by a rogue warrior clan searching for signs of weapons used against the Antrians.
    Rogue warrior caste/clan – a group within the warrior caste that even the warrior caste is ashamed of. A templar-like group – a merging of warriors and religious caste. Both the warriors and the religious caste are covering it up

Sha’lan has learned that there is some controversy associated to his homeworld and what happened there. There is some tension between the Warriors and the Religious and Workers because of this world.

  • possible conspiracy – perhaps the Hand involved?
  • The warrior caste and the religious caste were at one time infiltrated by The Hand.

Minbari secret society plot (“ghost hunters”)

Sha’Lan Game log

Session I

Worked as B5 contract/supplementary security.  Tested at with a brawl with thugs along with Za’Roth & Joe Means

Session II

Session III

Did not like being tied up by the Llort and started the brawl. Proved to be a rather lethal martial artist. The brawl killed two, wounded one, and the last give up. The PCs were able to escape the Llort because of this brawl. Helped with the rescue of the scientists.

Upon arriving back at B5, Sha’lan is pursuing ways to make closer contacts with the Gray Council. He is trying to find ways in to work with the Minbari diplomatic corp. He passed on information about the dig on Levenna IV Beta to one of Delenn’s attachés. (This will be the last he will hear from the attaché)

Session IV

The Minbari Government is showing interest in some Narn and Centauri agent movement in the regions between Narn and Centauri space. They have asked some agents including Sha’lan to investigate. Sha’lan is part of the group that is hired by Travis Reno as a last minute add on to the mission for The Eye. Sha’lan helped investigate the rogue telepath, and was involved in the battle with the Psi Corp Agents.

In Corrin’s drug induced stupor while in the Medbay, Sha’lan heard him speak the words Rac’Val Volron. Volron was the name of the Warrior Caste Clan that enslaved his people and has since been banished from Minbari space.

Session V

Part of the group captured by the Drazi. He started the fight that helped the group escape the cargo container.

Session VI

On Quolok, he spotted some members of the Warrior Clan he thought was dead – the clan that enslaved him on Antra. He followed them and saw that they were talking with the Garnac ( a group of mysterious aliens that Corrin believes are associated with the Hand).

Session VIII

Helped in the Soul Hunter Prison rescue. Gained a favor from the Soul Hunters

Session IX

Helped save Max Durndo’s life from a Thenta Makur’s assassin. Was part of the group that turned in Samantha Stevenson into PsiCorp. Started his own mercenary business on B5 backed by Mr. Anderson and PsiCorp (as part of his reward for turning in Samantha Stevenson)

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