Shatterzone Cybernetics d6

Shatterzone Cybernetics d6


Fitting the body with cyberware involves surgery and can be an extremely painful process. A successful medicine skill check is required to install cyberware in this manner. The difficulty of the cyber surgery varies according to the system involved. Surgery difficulty and the damage done to the person as a result of a successful installation are listed with the equipment statistics . Also listed is the cyber value of the equipment, which comes into play when dealing with Dark Force Points and overload (see below).

The results of cyber surgery can be determined by the level of success of the medicine check. Use the following as a guideline:

Failure: The cyber system is not installed. Worse, the surgeon has botched the job. Patient takes more damage than he normally would have – increase damage by one wound level (a wound becomes a heavy wound, a heavy wound becomes incapacitation).

Minimal (+0-5 over Difficulty): System is installed, but just barely. Damage is normal, but system malfunctions on a Mishap.

Average (+6-10 over Difficulty): System is installed, but malfunctions on a Complication.

Good (+11-15 over Difficulty): Installation is successful. Normal damage,

Superior(+16-25 over Difficulty): Installation is successful and amount of time needed to recover from surgery damage is halved.


The more cyberware one carries, the more strain it puts on both the body, the mind and the systems themselves. The result of this is often an overload, a breakdown of one of these three elements.

As an option for a Complication, the GM may rule the player must generate a Willpower or Knowledge total against a difficulty number of twice their total cyber value. (Add the individual cyber values of each piece of equipment and double it, to come up with the total value.)

Success means the character has resisted overload. Failure means something bad has happened: a system has failed, the character has suffered stunned damage (equal to the difference between the players roll and the difficulty) from the strain of supporting so much cyberware, or his mental stability has suffered if! some way. These effects are normally temporary, and their nature should be determined by the gamemaster. They are in addition to any other effects of the setback.

Dark Force Points

(As per normal cyber/DFP rules)

System TOU (Toughness)

System Toughness represents the Strength of the system to withstand damage. If a location with cyber is hit (which means the GM will have to generate a hit location when the character is hit), the players must roll the System TOU vs. the damage taken, in addition to his normal STR roll. First the player rolls his STR vs Damage to determine the damage he will be taking if any, then the cyberware system TOU vs the same damage value. Cyberware does not add to the person’s STR like armor, it is integral part of the person; when they take damage, it takes damage.

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