Shatterzone Reprints and rebirth!

Shatterzone Reprints and rebirth!

Ever since I bought the reprint hardbacks, I have been considering running this again.  I really enjoyed the setting and as I read into it, the more I feel the passion to run it again.  The system is pretty solid.  The setting is tangible.  I just need to refresh my memory.


Reading through it, considering those who were involved at the time, I can imagine some influence it had on other products that followed it, like Savage Worlds.  This is a little more mechanics heavy, but just as heroic and fun. Dice exploding and card play in combat all kind of seem like a precursor to Savage Worlds.  It could just be me.

I have an idea for a three part one-shot/campaign that I fleshing out now.  Xenos Alpha, Beta and Delta will be the names.  I will be making pre-gen’ed characters with the intention of running these at conventions.

Resurrecting “Card Flipping Combat!”  I want to enhance the cards but that might be too much work.  Now the question is will I get players.

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