Ships of Clement Sector 12 – Broken Hill class Prospector

Ships of Clement Sector 12 – Broken Hill class Prospector

From: Gypsy Knights Games

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Ships of Clement Sector 12: Broken Hill-class Prospector is a RPG Supplement from Gypsy Knights Games.

NOTE:  This is the Traveller edition of the PDF.  Since receiving this, Gypsy Knights has disassociated from the Traveller game system and developed their own called The Clement Sector, the Rules, using an alternate version of the Cepheus Engine Universe.  If they haven’t yet already, they will be converting this supplement to the game system.

The Broken Hill class ship is a medium sized exploratory ship. This ship reminds me of a stripped down version of the Boyne-class replenishment ship (previously reviewed).  The Broken Hill design was born out a recognized need for more than the tradition of merchant ships converted ad-hoc for mining purposes.  It was built to transport raw ore transferred by two cutters and never was designed to land on the surface itself.  It can receive ore from up to four cutters but can carry only two.

From page 3: “There was a deafening din. Echoing through the hull the moment he stepped off the transfer launch, he knew he was on a hardworking ship. There was no mistaking the rumbling of equipment, nor the overwhelming stench of stale sweat, harsh body odor or bitter chemicals from overworked air scrubbers. There was only so much you could do to hide from the smell on a ship like this, but he knew that after an hour he wouldn’t notice anything different from the hundreds of other ships he’d been aboard in his life.”

Out of the dock, the ship is moderately armed with eight points for turrets.  However these are a strong point of customization and older ships armaments may vary.  It also traditionally is equipped with a cutting laser which is not very effective as a weapon.  It is also equipped with an externally docked transfer launch or shuttle.  As the name implies, the Broken Hill prospects for ore in either asteroid belts or other convenient locations where the cutters do most of the work and the main ship positions itself conveniently, prepared to receive ore as its minions find it.

A variation of the Broken Hill class prospector is called the Venture-class troop transport.  As the name implies,  it is marketed as an affordable transport vessel for small system defense forces and private security contractors. Refitted with different weapons and troop transport pods for cargo bays, the Venture class ships utilize the cutters as troop drop ships.

From page 7: “See that point of light, brighter than the rest? That is home for us out here amongst the rocks spinning through the black. Sure we have the cutters, but over there on the Courtland is more room to move, more people to talk to and better meals than old  Crace ever cooked on this tub of a cutter.” Elias Thomas, belter on mining cutter 2 “Annie Joy” Sequoyah Mining Co. Sequoyah c2338 CE

The MRV Paddy Hannan – a Broken Hill class prospector  – is owned and operated by Westralian Metals Company Pty Ltd out of New Perth.  It  is commanded by Senior Ship Captain Moulina Laydaiand travels searching for the new mining potential in the AXO206 system.  Full background are given for two members of that crew as well as encounter tables for both the Broken Hill class as well as the Venture class.

In conclusion, the Broken Hill (as well as it variant) have a lot of potential for adventure.  The players could be a crew of one of the cutters and discover strange new things on the edges of Clement Sector (or whatever areas of space your sci-fi game explores.  This ship is very diverse, allowing for exploratory uses as well as military uses.  

For more details on Gypsy Knights Games and their RPG Supplement Ships of Clement Sector 12: Broken Hill-class Prospector” check them out at their website Gypsy Knights Games, and at all of your local game stores.

Codex Rating: 17

Product Summary

Ships of Clement Sector 12: Broken Hill-class Prospector

From: Gypsy Knights Games

Type of Game: RPG Supplement 

Author: Michael Johnson

Additional Material: Bradley Warnes

Artists: Ian Stead, Bradley Warnes, Michael Johnson

Cover Layout: Stephanie McAlea

Editor: Curtis Rickman

Website: Gypsy Knights Games

Reviewed by: Ron McClung