Shuna Sassi

Shuna Sassi

Species: Near-human

Type: Supernatural Mutant

Origin: Eastern US


* – Poisonous needles

Documented Notes

Shuna Sassi was found in a brothel in Boston, servicing only the most brave of clientele. Erotic adventure with her was a dance with Death – one prick of a poisonous quill would kill instantly.

Tiring of her life in a bordello, she killed a senator, and went on the run. She says to this day, his ghost still haunts her, even in Midian

Add-ins & Elaborations

Shuna Sassi’s true origins are unknown, whether it be truly supernatural or not. But she is extremely seductive, and uses it well. It is said, amongst the Breed, however, she found her true love in the Breed, but can not have him – Peloquin fears her quills but returns her affections from a distance. Many Breed are entertained by their flirtatious and affectionate dance they play when they are near each other.

Natural Weapons/Abilities

Quills – extremely poisonous. Death on contact.

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Strong Human and Darkling Empathy

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