The Sifarv

The Sifarv

The Sifarv are entirely too similar to the Etyri to ignore. Integrating them into the Fading Suns universe can create a very interesting tie-in between the I’krl Theocracy and the annunaki.

A few important notes:

Star*Drive time roughly 2500 AD. Fading Suns time roughly 5000 AD.  Difference: 2500 years.

Est. yearEvent
~1500 BCFirst Contact between the Sifarv and the Kadarans. The Sifarv conquer the Kadarans and make them their primary geneticists, scientists and bio-tech engineers.
~500 BCContact with the I’Krl Theocracy. Sifarv become the “nobility” and military leaders of the I’Krl.

From the above, one can conclude that the Sifarv were a space faring race at least 1500 BC if not before.

From the Etyri perspective, there is not a lot given about their early history. Whether that is intentional or laziness by their part, it leaves a lot open to interpretation. It all depends on how the GM wants to approach the Etyri origin.


Etyri origin relatively recent

The best kept secret among the Etyri is that their existence on Grail is a relatively short one. Linked to a lost Sifarv colony ship, an early sleeper ship or refugee ship, the Sifarv came to Grail early in their space exploration years (1600 BC to 1700 BC).

These lost Sifarv found a Neanderthal-version of the Etyri and in order to survive, interbred with them to create the modern Etryi. This created a much more sentient version that conflicted with the indigenous six-legged lizards creature already inhabiting the planet.

Etyri origin relatively ancient

An ancient race (perhaps the Anunaki) – the race responsible for “imprisoning” the I’krl – recognized the predisposition of the Sifarv to be influenced by the I’krl. In their infinite wisdom, they thought it best to take a few proto-Sifarv from their home world and seed them into the ecosphere of another world. This world happened to be Grail. Inter-breeding them with the local fauna, the Ancients created a new version of Sifarv that was resistant to the influence of the I’Krl (or so they thought) – the Etyri.


The repercussions of the Etyri relationship with the Sifarv can be interesting. From the ethics of the Empires interference with life on Grail (and the genocide of the Zhuil’hishtu) to the possibility of a I’krl sensitive race in the Known Worlds, the epic story arch potential is considerable.

The first thing that came to mind when I first came up with the idea was the genocide of the Zhuil’hishtu and what it meant. It meant that the Royal Houses helped a non-native alien species destroy the native life of Grail. The moral and ethics questions of this are astounding. Of course, in a dark universe of Fading Suns, it would be no surprise something like this happened but it could be potentially embarrassing politically to those involved. It could be a secret someone knew and wanted to keep secret. Or even deeper, this could be something the Vau wants to keep secret.

Another idea I came up with was that the Sifarv were susceptible to the I’krl influence, which is why they are so easily manipulated and subservient. Perhaps it was some genetic seed planted on various worlds by the I’krl before their imprisonment. Whether you use the recent or ancient origin story, the potential for a race that is easily controlled by the I’krl is awesome. The idea I had was that their psychic control would spread like a pandemic virus once first contact was made. All that had to be done was place a contact device on the planet and the I’krl would have a new horde of slaves.

And this is also why the Vau may end up getting involved – to prevent the contact from happening.

Just some ideas. The similarities between the races is too much to ignore.

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