Skyside Strongholds

Skyside Strongholds

Giant cities in the skies, the Strongholds are sources of myth and legend.  Origins long forgotten, they float over various locations for a period of time only to vanish and reappear somewhere else.  For some, they are common place things, considered forgotten relics of the Chaos Wars, while in other cultures they are divine signs.  No one really knows their true nature or what they were used for, but they are now just rumor, legend, or myth.

Many treasure hunters claim they have visited the Strongholds, but few can truly claim bringing treasures to prove it.  Most believe that they are entirely uninhabited relics of the Chaos Wars that now serves no purpose.  In some cultures, whole religions have formed around them, and special orders have arisen out of those to protect the secrets of the “gods.”  Common amongst these religious orders is that the floating strongholds are to be feared and untouched by mortal hands.

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