Le-Vo Law Enforcement Droid Security

After the Mission was over

Joined up with Gorak on his quest to recover the pieces of the Kathol Underground.


Since being activated SLAVE has been

A police bot who gave a citation to the “wrong person” who decided that instead of paying the fine decided that it would be simpler to just “destroy the droid” so they almost did. The ” police who were already taxing their limited budget decided that rather than repair the droid they would simply sell it and purchase a new one since to repair the droid would almost be as much as a new one.

The droid was bought by a wholesale droid dealer who memory wiped the droid and then used his extensive supply of spare parts to rebuild the former law enforcement droid. He then installed the skill systems of a servant and the a cook droid and sold the unit (now named Slave) to a rather wealthy noble who thought it would be fun to have a law bot be his personal servant (not to mention a hell of a good personal body guard). for a time SLAVE was happy and content with his new master. He enjoyed the simple life of cooking and handling the little things. Until one day when his masters was met on the street (he owed money to a gangster for gambling and was late in paying) since Slave’s master did not have the money to pay at that time he was forced to sign over Slave to pay for his debt.

The gangster also enjoyed the idea of having a law enforcement droid that would do his bidding so he decided to have Slave ” upgraded” to fit in with his new home. Slave was taught how to, repair guns, use small explosives, he was equipped with an old protocol droids language library (only 2 million but it is still better than before), Slave was taught to lie, and most lethal of all he was reprogrammed so that he can kill ( though only when necessary) in defense of his master or his interests. Slave was just getting into his new routine when the empire decided to bring an end to his current master’s operation.

This time though Slave had been taught how useful being able to lie is and when the empire investigator asked the droid what he was doing with the gangster. The droid was able to con his way out saying that he was there delivering a payment to the gangster for a person who Slave already knew to have been killed for non payment. Luckily the investigator believed this and knowing that the person who Slave claimed his master to be was dead she simply placed the droid in with the seized items w be sold. Slave has spent many years going from one master to another trying to work his way back to his true master in the galactic core. This is still his driving intention to this day.

Slave is not sure why he longs to see his former master, weather it is to simply lead the comfortable life he once had or to see the bastard die at Slave’s feet for putting him through all of this only time will tell. All Slave knows is that he wants to go “Home” and he will give his loyalty to whoever promises to get him there.( I wanna go on record here that Slave is intensely loyal to who he is serving until that person dies, he only changes loyalties when his current ” master” for lack of a better term dies of natural causes of is killed, but Slave will defend his allies loyally until they are dead.)