Specialty Skill List
Star Frontiers Profession Specialty System

Specialty Skill List

SkillsSuccess Rate
Accuracy+1 (+5%) / Skill level
Alien InvestigationSkill Level
Astrogation:Chart New RouteSkill Lvl +2CS(-1CS/2Ly)
Astrogation:ind LocationSkill Lvl +2 CS
Astrogation: Plot Interstellar JumpLevel +X (-1CS time mod)
Athletics SkillSkill Level
Basic ManeuveringLevel +X
CartographySkill Level +2CS
Cheat SkillSkill Level + DM
Combat Maneuvering*Skill Level
Combat TacticsSkill Level
Command SkillLDR + (Skill Level * 5%)
Commando SkillSkill Level
Computers: Design*Skill Lvl +2CS(-1CS/CmpL)
Computers: Espionage ProgrammingSkill Level
Computers:Expert *Skill Level
Computers: Hi tech AI*Skill Level
Computers: Viruses* Skill Level
Contact LawLevel +X
Corp. Intel./Counter-Skill Level + INT Mod
Corporate KnowledgeSkill level (+2CS for Finance Skill)
Corporate Law*Level +X
Corporate Security KnowledgeSkill Level (+2CS w/ Corp. Know. Skill)
Criminal Investigation Skill Level (+ Logic Mod)
Cultural Anthropology Skill Level +3 CS
Damage Control+10% per Level (to DCR)
Diplomatic OratorySkill Lvl (+ PER Mod) (+2CS w/Fast Talk)
Ecological DynamicsSkill Level
Emergency JumpSkill Lvl+1CS(+1CS/hr**)
Emergency LandingAutomatic
Emergency Stress Analysis5% per level (breakup%)
Exobiology: ExpertSkill Level
Fast TalkPER + (Skill Level * 5%)
Fixer SkillSkill Level + LDR Mod.
Foraging ExpertSkill Level + LOG Mod.
G.E.M.M. Analysis*Skill Level
G.E.M.M. Biology/Biophysics*Skill Level
G.E.M.M. Tracking*Skill Level
High-Tech Forgery*Skill Level
Hunting Skill Level (+1CS for Tracking if owned)
InfiltrationSkill Level (+2 CS for Stealth if Stealth is successful)
Insurgency/CounterInsurgencySkill level
Intergal. Sports Know. Automatic
Investigative Reporting* Skill Level + INT Mod.
Journalism Semantics*Level +X or Skill Level
Journalistic Instinct Skill Level+2CS(+INT Mod)
Legal Semantics Level +X or Skill Level
Listen Skill Level + Int. Mod.
Make Special Item/StructureSkill Level + GM mod.
Marksmanship: Beam Weapons Skill Level
Marksmanship: PGS Weapons Skill Level
Master: Martial Art* Skill Level
Master: Melee*Skill Level
Medical: Expert Skill Level
Oceanography Level +X
Pharmacology*Skill Level (+1CS for Chemistry If owned)
Piracy Skill Level
Push Skill Skill Level(+2CS if successful Athletics skill rolled
Rigging: *Starship Major Sys.Skill Level
Rigging: *Starship Minor Sys. Skill Level
Rigging: *Starship Structure Skill Level
Rigging: *Structural Skill Level
Rigging: *Major Systems Skill Level
Rigging: *Minor Systems Skill Level
Robotics: CAST useSkill Level
Robotics: Design Expert* Skill Level
Robotics: General Expert Skill Level
Robotics: Modification Skill Level
Robotics: Operating SysSkill Level (-OS Level)
Robotics: ReprogramSkill Level
Security Systems: DesignSkill Level (-Lvl of Sec.sys.attempting)
Security Systems:ExpertSkill Leve
Selective Firing Skill Level
Sense Ambush/Trap Skill Level + INT Mod.
Set Ambush -5% * Skill Lvl/-Skill Lvl CS
Set & Disarm Trap Skill Level + DEX Mod.
Shadowing Skill Lvl (-Target INT Md)
Silent Kill Skill Lvl (-Target INT Md)(+2CS w/ a Stealth roll)
Smuggling Skill Level + INT Mod
SociodynamicsLevel +X
Space Law* Level +X
Spot HiddenSkill Level + INT Mod.
Spot WeaknessSkill Level + INT Mod.
StreetwiseSkill Level + INT Mod. + PER
Survival InstinctSkill Level
Survival ExperSkill Level
Technical Sabotage Skill Level + 1CS
Terraforming KnowledgeLevel +X –
ThievingSkill Level + DEX Mod.+2CSw/Stealth roll.
Underworld Knowledge* Skill Level + PER Mod.
Xenoarcheology Skill Level + 2CS
XenocultureSkill Level +2CS
XenolinguisticsSkill Level (+2CS w/ Communication roll)
XenopsychologySkill Level
XenoTech.: AnalysisSkill Level (-GM Mod.)
XenoTech.: Computers* Skill Level
XenoTech.: Repair* Skill Level
XenoTech.: Robotics* Skill Level
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