The Last Guard Craft

The Last Guard Craft

Using Air-dry clay and hot-glue overtop, I created a fleshy creature inspired by the Mindflayer from Strange Things 3. This was going to be one of the baddies for my Savage Reich Star Fortress of the Angel adventure.

The concept was started from an underground secret Nazi pab, where experiments with alien bio-materials was being done. Out of that came experimental immortality serums. The guards of this lab were part of the human testing of this drug. Yes, it gave them immortality but overtime it drove them insane and heavily mutated them. This was one along with 2 other guard was given the orders to kill all other scientists in the lab, and then commit suicide. ONe was not brave enough to do it and lived forever in this hidden base starving to death over an over, driven insane and mutating to a mass of ugly and immobile flesh.

As said, most of it is air-dry clay but I also integrated a couple of minis in it – one Horrorclix figure and two Dreamblade figs – both of which I never thought I would use. What I noticed was that the ho glue did not adhere well to the freshly dried clay. It took a couple of layers, I researched it but could not find anything that I should have painted on first to avoid that. I am sure there is something but I could not find anything about it.

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