02 – The Verge

02 – The Verge


The Verge is the frontier of the Stellar Ring. Far from the settled boundaries of Old Space (Stellar Ring), life in the Verge is dangerous and remote. The verge contains an extraordinary concentration of exploitable resources, alien life forms and alien precursor ruins. Because the colonies established in The Verge were abandoned for a century while Old Space fought its Second Galactic War, Vergers have learned to be scrappy and independent. This period during which The Verge had no contact with the Stellar Ring is referred to as The Long Silence is considered to have begun when Kendai Station, the satellite relay station that was the main information gateway between Old Space and The Verge, was destroyed.

When the Stellar Nations returned and expected to take their colonies back, in many cases the independent Vergers showed resistance. This has created a complex power play between competing factions within the stellar nations as well as in the Verge. The Vergers call new arrivals from Old Space Arrivers (cf. ‘carpet-baggers’) and in many cases, treat them differently from regular Vergers. The best the Vergers can hope for is to play stellar nations against each other in an attempt maintain their independence as much as they can.

All the Stellar Ring races are represented in the Verge along with a few fringe aliens here and there. There are many fragmented or hybrid factions through out the Verge and all are being manipulated one way or another by the Old Space stellar nations.

Governing Body: No central government. Former colonies of the Stellar Ring. Disparate governments and varied allegiances.

Military: No central military. Some worlds have a strong military, while others rely on a Stellar Nation or the Galactic Concord.



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