01 – The Stellar Ring

01 – The Stellar Ring

The largest of the 3 regions of space, at its center is the home of the human race, Earth, in the Sol system.  Divided into competing Stellar Nations and overseen by the Galactic Concord, it spans tens of thousands of light years. It is dominated by the human race, with a few other alien races playing their own role in things.  The Stellar Ring has recently recovered from their Second
Galactic War, which resulted in formation of the Galactic Concord, a united diplomatic body that is one part peace enforcer, on part diplomatic core and one part bureaucratic juggernaut.  The Galactic Concord is more like a galactic version of the United Nations and less a governing body.

Governing Body: Independent Stellar Nation governments, watched over by a unified governing body called the Galactic Concord

Military: Each Stellar Nation has their own independent military. The Galactic Concord has four branches of their military – Star Force, the Defense Force, the Marines, and the Administrators.


The stellar nations of the Stellar Rings are:

    • Austrin-Ontis Unlimited – A hybrid corporate stellar nation, the Autrin Ontis nation is known to be gun dealing and war technology. They hold freedom and profit are virtues.
    • Borealis Republic – A nation of philosophical aristocracy, their schools of philosophy replace noble houses, educational ranks replace noble titles. The best colleges in the Concord.
    • Hatire Community – Religious fanatics and zealots, the Hatire followers of an alien god named Cosimir. During Second Galactic War (GW2), they were a little more forcible about the evangelism than they are now. Philosophy and education are their virtues. They have a disdain for cybernetics and genetic manipulation.
    • Insight – Formerly a subdivision of VoidCorp, betrayed them in the GW2 by selling intelligence. They are the best Grid hackers and hold the free flow of information as their highest virtue.
    • Nariac Domain – The Nariacs are a communist society that evolved on harsh worlds. Cybernetics and body modification is very prominent in this society. Allegiance to the state is their primary virtue. Since the GW2, VoidCorp has been slowly making Nariac a client state, while the Nariac have been trying to become more independent.
    • Orion League – The most diverse stellar nation, with a mixture of old earth cultures, alien cultures and cultures that were born of space travel. Diversity and multiculturalism are their virtues.
    • Orlamu Theocracy – The Orlamuc Theocracy is a religious society of scientists who study the Drive Space. Drive space research and stardrive development are the principle focuses. Acceptance of contradiction, gaining a better understanding of the universe and seeing the divine in the scientific theory and studies are held as virtues.
    • Rigunmor Star Consortium– Rigunmorian hold life, liberty and the pursuit of profit as virtues. They commonly are merchants, traders, business men and smugglers.
    • StarMech Collective – Starmech citizens are known to be the best ship and robot builders in the Concord. Hedonistic society, robots do much of the labor in this region. They thrive on technical advancement and are more comfortable surrounded by their own robots. Technical advancement and personal pleasure are held as virtues.
    • Thuldan Empire – Fiercely patriotic stellar nation, born of a single human’s (Gregor Kent) vision of the future for mankind. Aggressively expansionist in its early history, it is the most powerful stellar nations. They embrace genetic manipulation and breeding programs. They hold personal perfection, loyalty and patriotism to the Emperor as virtues.
    • Union of Sol – Humans of Earth and their home are the center of Old Space. They consider themselves caretakers of human history. Others consider them arrogant and nationalistic.
    • Voidcorp – Order is the primary virtue of VoidCorp. Nothing can be obtained before order is established. Formed from an immense corporation, it is the primary producer of computer software and hardware as well as the Grid.
    • Galactic Concord – Formed from donated potions of other Stellar Nations, it is the “super-nation” that was built to prevent another galactic war. Citizens of the Concord are very politically savvy. 3 major regions make up the Concord – Conord Sagittarius, Concord Taurus, Concord Prime



Humans are the primary race in the Stellar Ring, and most ally with one of the major stellar nations. There are freelancers and mercenaries that don’t ally with any specific nation,b ut their have roots in at least one of them.

Aliens of the Stellar Ring

    • Aleerin/Mechalus – An Aleerin can be easily mistaken for a human at a distance or in poor lighting, for he bears the general shape and size of a human. Closer inspection, however, reveals veins of circuitry that weave with the Aleerin’s flesh and blood to form a totally synthesized body. An Aleerin’s hair consists of combined protein strands and filaments of cable wire. Even the Aleerin’s skeleton has been reinforcedwith super-strong synthetic metals, and bony protective plates cover the bioorganic flesh at the shoulders and across the chest. Aleerins have ordered minds, which translate into a highly structured society and an equally organized outlook on life. Although they think with the precision and logic of a machine, they are deeply emotional people who work hard to subdue their emotions. They possess the same range of emotions as humans, although they downplay them.
    • Fraal – A Fraal is a small, spindly humanoid with pale almost luminous skin and a slightly oversized cranium. Two large, opaque black eyes dominate a Fraal’s slightly elongated face, which also features a small pair of nostrils, tiny ear holes, and a narrow slit for a mouht. The average Fraal stands between 3 and 3 1/2 feet tall and wiegh 40 to 50 pounds. Most Fraal are timid, secretive, curious beings who enjoy scientific pursuits, particularly space exploration and xenobiology. As memebers of a psionically gifted gifted yet secretive race, they take incredible pains to hide their feelings and emotions, even from each other. Fraal have difficulty graspin the relevance of art and music, they lack a sense of humor, and nonscientific subjects such as philosophy and theology escape them entirely.
    • Sesheyan – A Sesheyan has a light yet muscular frame, a bulbous head head encircled by eight small eyes, large pointed ears, leathery wings, and a whiplike tail with an expandable fan-shaped tip that provides stablity during flight. Born hunters, Sesheyans seem cold and aloof at a glance, yet they hold a profound respect for all life and recognize their place in the natural order. They are naturally stealthy hunters and have keen predatory instincts. Although they can use technology, most of them never become completely comfortable with it, and some deeply religious Sesheyans refuse to have anything to do with scientific advances.
    • T’sa – Even when standing absolutely still – something that’s almost impossible for the creature to do – a T’sa conveys an impression of speed, sharp reflexes, and constant activity. Standing 3 to 3 1/2 feet tall and weighing 50 pounds on average, a T’sa is lightning-quick, with a fast mind to match his fast body. Sleek, with a reptilian form and the legs of a runner, a T’sa has a fine covering of interlocking brown or russet scales that provide a modicum of natural protection. A T’sa (not to be confused with Tsau) has a natural curiosity and an affinity for all things technological. He’s a consumate tinkerer, disassembling devices to discover how they work and find ways to improve them. T’sa are social beings who don’t like being alone for long. Everything a T’sa does, he does quickly. He’s always on the move, always asking questions, and always seeking answers. Although his intentions are often misunderstood, a T’sa is nonetheless eager to please and make friends.
    • Weren – Standing roughly 8 feet tall and weighing in at a hefty 400 pounds, a weren (singular and plural) is hard to miss. Covered in thick fur, he has a powerful form and wicked claws that make him a formidable opponent even when he is not carrying a weapon. A great mane of hair flares from his head. His fur ranges from black to shades of gray, brown, or white — regardless of color, weren fur has a shimmer and an ability to shift slightly in hue, varying with the surrounding lighting. Weren males are slightly larger than the females and have two oversized tusks jutting from their lower jaw; the females do not bear tusks but share the males’ powerful builds. A weren’s senses are comparable to a human’s. Weren speak a guttural language punctuated by deep growls. They have the capability to speak other humanoid languages as well. A weren approaches life with amazing intensity. When he embraces a new idea or belief, he becomes a zealot. He professes the tenets of his beliefs with word, deed, and weapon. Though built for battle, a weren also loves to talk and share ideas. Despite his fervor and martial nature, not every discussion leads to a fight, and a weren usually won’t fight a weaker creature unless he is left with no choice. Weren are proud, fierce, honorable warriors, although their eagerness to make peace leads many to become diplomats of one sort or another. They make stalwart companions and bond easily with humans and other species that have learned to temper their primal natures.