Star Drive Frontiers Primer

Star Drive Frontiers Primer


The Star Drive Frontiers (SDF) game setting is encompassed in two major regions of space and one minor.  The first major region of space is called the Stellar Ring and the second is called Zebulon’s Expanse.  The minor region of space sits between the two major and it is called the Verge.

The Stellar Ring is the seat of human space.  By far the largest region of space, it just recovered from its Second Galactic War.  The politics of the war still exists, but the Galactic Concord keeps things under as much control as it can.

The Verge is a region of space lost to the Stellar Ring during Galactic War.  It was recently re-contacted and now the factions vie for power within this newly rediscovered region of space.

The Zebulon’s Expanse is an alien region of space beyond the Orion Frontier.  Formed of alien factions similar to the stellar nations of the Stellar Ring, it is primarily the domain of the alien Vrusk, Yazirian and Dralasite.  However, scattered through out their space are human worlds previously unknown to the Stellar Ring.  Where these humans originated is unknown.

The Verge made first contact with the Expanse in 2490 AD. Since then it has been a made rush to establish normal relation with them. Between the possibility of shared technology and new markets, the stellar nations and stumbling over themselves to establish drive sat networks in the space between the Verge and the Expanse. Meanwhile, factions within the Verge resent Old Space’s intrusion in these relations as it was them who contacted the Expanse. Many in the Verge see this as an opportunity to establish full independence from the Stellar Ring.

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