Star Drive Reference

Star Drive Reference

Stardrive Reference

The Stardrive was born from the combination of human and fraal technology. A combination of Earth’s mass reactor and the Fraal’s gravitic technology gave birth to the means of “beaking” space so ships can “fall” across light years,entering into what is called drivespace. The first stardrive was activated in 2160.

Communication through drivespace was discovered by VoidCorp and the first drivespave communications satellite in 2193.

Terms and How it works

To enter into stardrive space is said to make a starfall. To re-enter normal space from drivespace is called a starrise.

Ships emerge from drive space in 121 hours (roughly 5 days) regardless of distance travelled. Drives are measured in distances travelled in one starfall, to a maximum (by current technology) of 50 ly. It takes an average of 2 or 3 days to recharge a stardrive between jumps.

DriveSat communication takes 11 hours and has a maximum range of 50 ly. Transmissions from the heart of Stellar Ring (Old Space) to the Verge can take up to 9 days.