1985 to 1987: Early Years

1985 to 1987: Early Years

Jedi’s & Dragons

Setting/System: Heavily modified setting based on Star Frontiers, using SF rules.

Started: 1985 (estimated)

Back in the Day…

My Star Frontiers first campaign, it involved Jedis, dragons and time travel.   Many ideas were born out of this that I carried over into other campaigns.

My years with Star Frontier started in 1983, but really didn’t get kicking until after 1985, when I really started gaming regularly with this group. This is my tribute to my first gaming experiences in Star Frontiers. My players were Rob Hanson, Mark McClung and Jason Woodruff, and in the beginning another player named John Norris, who later dropped out because of other commitments or something like that.

Their group was called Moonstalker’s Marauders, and had many adventures in my weird universe that I created. They spent more time in time travel and chasing semi-D&D inspired quests than in the real SF universe, but it was mine and I had fun.

They were headed up by Wan Moonstalker, the Jedi of the group, played by Rob Hanson. James Flamor was the brick of the group, and liked to play with his pieced-together suit of powered armor, made from an exoskeleton and pieces of armor mounted on it. He also had his trademark chainsaw attached to his armor. Finally, there was my brother’s character, an L’drey (coyote species) and I can’t remember his character’s name – something like Karr Andros, but I am not sure of that. I lost the character sheets a long time ago.

Much of this was originally hand-written, hand-illustrated (with my limited artistic ability),and created from my limited gaming experience. I transcribed much of these from the original manuscripts, edited it where it needed, and changed where I felt it needed to be changed. Some of this is incomplete. I transcribed what I could and hopefully someone will find it inspiring.

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