Star Law Report: Psi-Booster Torc

Star Law Report: Psi-Booster Torc

Not sure who write this but I think it was one of my players.

In the past six months, several of these objects have been confiscated by Star Law. Nobody knows where they come from, and the manufacture of such a device is a mystery even to the UPF.

They are a thin tore of gold metal some two centimeters in diameter, and have a simple clasp in the back. Once on the person’s neck, it fuses to there body and can not be taken off without the use of an iron chisel to break the torc. While functional, the psi-booster forms a symbiotic attachment to the wearer that will kill him if it is removed. Star Law is considering banning them.

Abilities: The Psi-Tore increases LOG by + 20 for the aspect of psionic traits. They do not make a person more intelligent, just more able to use psionics. It also gives the wearer Telepathy with other torc wearers equal in range to Log in kilometers. And while they count as Enlightened Ones, they may pick from ALL of they psionic disciplines. Any mentalist to wear one of these must make a 1/2 Log test. Failure indicates the torc has rejected the mentalist and he DIES. Success means that the mentalist has overcome the torc and burned out its circuitry.

Allergy: The torc receives a flow of blood through itself while active. It also sends minute drugs into the bloodstream. Although nobody
knows why, this makes the victim extremely vulnerable to iron. Iron weapons do double damage, and cause extreme agony. Prolonged exposure (such as a torture table where they stick a knife in you and leave it there) has been known to cause brain damage or tore rejection.