Star Trek Ascendancy, Pre-Con Playtest & MACE West 2018

Star Trek Ascendancy, Pre-Con Playtest & MACE West 2018

I have said it before. This is a great game!  I played with 4 players as a playtest as a local game store and then 5 players are MACE West 2018.  Both with expansion races (Cardassians and Ferengi) and the Borg expansion.  The Borg expansion is incredible. It changes the game to a certain degree into a cooperative game, at least for whatever region the Borg pops up.

In the playtest, we all worked together against the Borg.  There was very little conflict or animosity between us.  But ti get to a conclusive winner, we know eventually it had to happen.  Unfortunately, time ran out for us to play.

At the con, it was amazing.  My Romulan Empire was allied with the Cardassians and had not made first contacts with the Federation or the Klingons.  The Ferengi had made contact with everyone.  There were technically two regions of space – ours and the Klingon/Feds.  The Ferengi was the only joining point. The Borg popped up between the Cardassians and the Romulans and we spent a couple of turns building up for the fight. Then, out of the blue, the Borg teleports across the galaxy and lands right between the Klingons and the Feds, leaving us with our massive fleets and nothing to show for it.

Of course, it wasn’t enough for the Klingons to team up with the Feds and fight off the Borg.  While helping the Feds a little, they allocated much of their armada to invade Ferengi space.  It was a classic Klingon move.  Before the end of the game, I got my last licks in and expelled the Klingon scourge from my trade ally’s homeworld.  Unfortunately, he will have to rebuild from scratch but at least the Klingons were gone.


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