Star Trek: Discovery – Social Justice Vigilantes

Star Trek: Discovery – Social Justice Vigilantes

I don’t even know where to start, I am so frustrated.  Militant Progressives have taken over Star Trek in the worst way.  Instead of “social justice,” they are portraying “social revenge” or “social vigilantism” in their stories.  Now I see where the term “social justice warriors” really comes from.  They are progressive vigilantes.  And it’s not doing our society any good.  Pissing off one end of the spectrum to make the other feel included or accepted is no way to bring unity or equality to this society.

It all started when I posted something about how I agreed with a guy about disliking the Michael character on STD.  However, included in my statements was the three terrible letters “S-J-W.”  ~shock~  Apparently that is a trigger phrase for the general left-leaning public and discradits me as a party involved in a debate.  I immediately was called a racist and sexist with no provocation, at which point I just let them make fools of themselves and did not respond to their goading.

Meanwhile, I continued to give Discovery a chance because it has its moments and despite much of the criticism, the dark and gritty vision of the new Star Trek is something I do like.  However, I continue to struggle with it as many on Youtube do.  The article I saw somewhere entitled “Women are driving the show!”  (I won’t give them any more links) set me off, however.

This is not social justice. Making all the men either gay, jerks, subordinate, incompetent or all the above does is not justice.  Making the women “Mary Sues” with miraculous solutions out of no where is not justice.  (This applies to you too, Star Wars!)  Making the bridge crew as well as the ready room staff majority female does not represent diversity.  It excludes someone and the only reason you would want to do that is to ” … make them white men know how it feels …”  That’s not justice!  That’s vigilantism.  They are not social justice warriors, they are social justice vigilantes.

Showing strong women or minorities at the expense of strong men or whites is not equality.  The left likes to throw the word “justice” around but I don’t think they know what it means.  Are you out to gain an equal standing with those that you consider your oppressors or do you seek to punish them.  Which is it?  If it’s the latter, then you see why we call you SJWs.  And in truth you are SJVs.  If you seek the latter, then you see why you are getting push-back from those of us that see it as wrong.

It saddens me that we have gotten to this point but I suppose it was inevitable.

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