Star Wars: Aliens vs Predator

Star Wars: Aliens vs Predator

star_wars_avplCombining 3 of my favorite things – Star Wars, Aliens and Predator.

The Players are Imperial SpecOps, assigned to a super-secret mission.  Brought into an Imperial Space Station somewhere near the Kuat Ship Yards, the team is briefed on their mission


“Since the loss at the Battle of Yavin, the Emperor, in his great wisdom, has had many of the Empire finest minds trying to create his nest new super-weapon. One of them is a more practical cloaking device. Four months ago, a cloaking device of a very special nature was tested on-board the Torpedo Sphere Black Pearl. The Black Pearl disappeared upon the test. It was not heard from until last week, found several might years from the test zone, orbiting a gas giant in a desolate system.

“Your job is to board the Torpedo Sphere, investigate the cause of the disappearance and if possible, salvage it. If the Torpedo Sphere is not deemed salvageable, then destroy it with the explosives supplied in your manifest, but only after you have retrieved the Core Unit Recorder from the bridge. Your priority is to salvage it. Use your best judgement, however, there is a bonus waiting for you if you salvage it.”

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