Star Wars: Aliens vs. Predator Adventure

Star Wars: Aliens vs. Predator Adventure


The Players are Imperial SpecOps, assigned to a super-secret mission. Brought into an Imperial Space Station somewhere near the Kuat Ship Yards, the team is briefed on their mission. This is set up for a CompForce Officer and 4-5 Regular SpecOps Operatives, Including a Heavy Weapons Specialist, a Med-tech, a Pilot, and an Infiltrastion expert(s). Use the Rebel equivalents from ROE: Rebel Specops Handbook.


“Since the loss at the Battle of Yavin, the Emperor, in his great wisdom, has had many of the Empire finest minds trying to create his nest new super-weapon. One of them is a more practical cloaking device. Four months ago, a cloaking device of a very special nature was tested on-board the Torpedo Sphere Black Pearl. The Black Pearl disappeared upon the test. It was not heard from until last week, found several might years from the test zone, orbiting a gas giant in a desolate system.

“Your job is to board the Torpedo Sphere, investigate the cause of the disappearance and if possible, salvage it. If the Torpedo Sphere is not deemed salvageable, then destroy it with the explosives supplied in your manifest, but only after you have retrieved the Core Unit Recorder from the bridge. Your priority is to salvage it. Use your best judgement, however, there is a bonus waiting for you if you salvage it.”

Basic Equipment Supplied:

(Limit the number of Ammo Clips to 10 per individual)

(Limit the number of grenades to 5 per individual)


They are transported by military shuttle (Troop carrier class Shuttle). When they drop out of hyperspace, they will see a very active gas giant orbiting a star. It’s the only planet in the system. Sensors pick up the Black Pearl’s beacon, and lock in on it.

Because of the gas giant, sensor reads are garbled. As best as the system can tell, the Torpedo Sphere has minimal power, gravity, and some areas have lost life support. There is some structural damage internally, but nothing significant. There is one hangar door open, and the atmosphere field is down.

The automatic systems do not respond to any external attempts to access them. Remote connection is impossible.

Docking can only take place in the open hangar.


The Torpedo Sphere’s systems are down, life support is on back up, no one is in site. The first challenge is to get the hangar resealed, then get out of the hangar. The hangar has been sealed from within. Something was blown out the airlock. ( here the Imperials aboard the Torpedo Sphere trapped the Queen and blew it out the airlock)

Once they get thru the hangar access doors, they will have to overcome several traps, as well as several system problems. They will have to decide where to go (Engineering, Bridge, Security, etc.) None of the original crew is onboard. Signs of small arms fire and explosive use are found everywhere.

Traps: Primitive Pit traps, swinging blades, and spike boards. (All set by Predators to hunt humans and Aliens), explosive traps set bye the crew.

Evidence will show that the power has been re-routed to engineering and creating a very hot and energetic area (Incubator for the aliens). The problem with that is that it’s causing the reactor to overload.

Suggested Encounters:

  • Slime everywhere, Eggs, Embryo Victims, Face-Huggers, glowing pools of blood
  • Acid Holes
  • Heating vents bursting, Fires on levels, Evacuated sections


The Torpedo Sphere crossed dimensions and picked up a Predator hunting ship. Aboard was a Queen Alien, and several Aliens. Also onboard was a full troop of Hunters (12). Since then, they have been battling it out. The Predators are now down to 4 Hunters. Their ship is in one of the lower hangars, and is over run with Aliens.

The Torpedo Sphere is infested now. But there is a new additive. When the Torpedo Sphere re-entered this reality, someone else came onboard – as very insane dark Jedi named Cordi’ish Marl. He heard the Aliens “calling to him”. He came, and now is controlling the Queen, and it’s minions as if he was the king.

However, Marl is unaware of the Predator presence. They have been hiding, watching him.


  1. Intro
    1. Briefing
    2. Leave/Dock with Sphere
    3. Initial Encounter with Hangar
  2. Explore Outer Layer of Sphere
    1. Encounter numerous traps, victims, problems with damaged systems
    2. Assess that a Xenomorph presence is aboard
  3. Encounter Alien presence
    1. In an “epic” spot on board, encounter scouts
    2. Encounter more in more “claustrophobic” spots (tight hallways, crawl spaces)
  4. Encounter Predator Presence
    1. As they run away from a particularly hard encounter with the Aliens, have them be saved by the Predator
    2. The Hunt begins
    3. Allow them to kill one or two Predators
  5. Engineering – The Dark Jedi v. Predator

Forced to engineering because the “black box back up” is there (or something), they encounter the Jedi. Soon afterwards, the last Predator attacks,. And a fight begins.