Star Wars: Darkstryder

Star Wars: Darkstryder

Adventures of the Farstar


Setting/System: Star Wars d6 System

Started: 1996 (estimated)

Ended: November 7, 1998

When/Where: UNCC Campus, Denny

The beast of all campaigns. I had 8 players, each player playing 3 to 4 characters. This took a little over 2 years to complete. And I of course could not be satisfied with what they published. I added a ton of stuff: a Hutt crime boss (linked to a Hutt from the previous campaign), Noble Houses, and a whole host of subtle changes other elements.

Comm from one of the Masters of Darkstryder

(This was sent at a time when I had a different design around this web site. It was based on the control panel you see in some of the books, scanned from the source material and photoshopped with color buttons.  See example at the bottom of the page)

E-mail from Eric Trautmann, formerly of WEG:

Eric Trautmann
To: seawolf
Subject: Nice job!
Date: Saturday, August 15, 1998 11:31 PM

Just saw your site; as one of the principal architects of the DarkStryder Campaign as WEG published it…

…VERY nice site.
Eric Trautmann

This Web Page is dedicated to the hard workers  at West End Games behind Darkstryder and the creative team behind all the Star Wars RPG publications. You guys did a great job, and will be missed.

Campaign News

Source Material

Campaign Elements

Campaign Chronicle

Campaign Chapters:

Dating System:  Darkstryder starts 4 standard years after SW: ROTJ.

Ep 1: Storm Giants In A Playground

Ep 2: Demons Of One’s Soul: Kathol Outback

Ep 3: Beyond the Barrier: Kathol Rift

Darkstryder Day (DS Day)1 Stadard Day
DarkStryder Month (DS Month)35 DS Days (1 Standard Month)
Darkstyder Year (DS Year)368 DS Days (1 Standard Year)

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