Star Wars: Psionics (d6)

Star Wars: Psionics (d6)

Version 2.0


Psi in Star Wars

Explaining Psi-Powers is a little difficult in Star Wars. In the Star Wars universe, there are a few rare individuals who possess psionic powers. The explanation to follow is one opinion on how to integrate it into the Star Wars Universe. It’s simplistic so it won’t over power the game, but still be a part of the game.

First, aside from acutely choosing the Advantage Psionic Powers , the character must have chosen to be Force Sensitive before taking Psi-Powers. The Force is an obvious component in Psi-Powers. It’s a matter of amount and focus that defines the difference between a Jedi and a Psi-user. It is also a matter of strength. Psi as simply not as powerful. By definition, the Force surrounds everything in the universe, and the Jedi accesses that Force for his powers. A Psi on the other hand only accesses his own Force, the Force within his own mind or Soul. This limits him to only a few powers, and they are limited. Powers are listed below.

To use them, each has a Skill Dice Code that represents the characters ability in it. This is composed of two things:

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