Stargate Movie sequel in the works

Stargate Movie sequel in the works

Dean Devlin finally got the OK. And he plans to totally ignore the plots lines of the TV show. Dean Devlin and the Stargate Sequels

This is bugging the crap out of me. He says he won’t touch the mythology established in SG-1 but that is a double edged sword. He also says the second movie takes place 12 years after the first movie, which already flies in the face of the SG-1 mythology.

Plus on top of that, Kurt Russel may return to play Jack O`Neil (my favorite character). After spending 9 years with Richard Dean Anderson’s Jack, are we going to accept Kurt Russel as Jack again. I dunno. The same could be said about Daniel Jackson.

Well, the nice thing is that SG-1 gave us a way to wrap our heads around it already… parallel universe. I just hope that the movies aren’t crap, like Dean Devlin’s last few ventures (Godzilla, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow) Trivia Note from Wiki: Did you know that the Movie Stargate was the first movie to have a web site, with Devlin served as webmaster. Here it is on Dark Horizons Two More “Stargate” Movies

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