State of the Sector

State of the Sector


The Tapani Now

State of the Sector after the Rimmas Incident

The Rimmas Incident (where a Imperial Torpedo Sphere was lost in the Rimmas Nebula near the Reena region of space) was a pivotal event in the Tapani Sector’s existence. Houses rose and fell because of it. Much was lost and gained. And it was amazing how very little changed but stayed the same.

The Rimmas Incident was all but covered up because of the rumors of a secret weapon test, and the even darker rumors of a Sith plot hatched by the old Mecetti assassins, the Mecrosa. The Empire still holds it against the Tapani and rumors of a retaliation are abound.

The Noble Houses were not lef untouched from the incident. Through the embarrassing actions of a single Lord in Mecetti, Mecetti fell apart. Reena seemed to tear itself apart as well. Alliances changed. and betrayal was found everywhere. All is explained in detail below.

The political state in Tapani is also in flux. The Grand Chancellor of the High Council was found dead after the incident, an assumed suicide. Now. a new one must be elected by the Council.The Election is also explained below.

The Houses:

Many of the houses are in the struggle for their exitence. Below is a list of houses and their current affars, as well as their current allies:

House Barnaba: The young High Lady ??? is still in charge of the exuberant house, bolstered now by the brokered alliance with Pelagia. Seeing their relationship with Melantha as a parasitic one, in the shadows of political dealings and noble favors, Pelagia dimplomats were able to seduce Barnaba into breaking that relationship.

Barnaba is in a powerful situation as a result of the alliance move and the change in power in the High Council.

(Under Contruction)

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