ST:D – End of a universe

ST:D – End of a universe


I have been back and forth with Star Trek: Discovery for a while now. When Pike was in, it was good but otherwise, It has been a struggle for me. Between the SJW crap they want to push and the weak storylines with no basis in Star Trek axioms or science as well as the placating to the fans with occasional fan service – I just have to say I am done. It’s has been terrible to watch this season – season 3.

Season 3 is an absolute dumpster fire. Between the poor writing, the complete disregard to everything Star Trek and the sorry attempts at being gimmicky and new, I just can’t do it anymore. I must vent.

I have to say, I really liked the concept to begin with. The base concept of all dilithium being unavailable for some reason or another has been something I thought about often. What I struggled with – and many have before – was the concept of a lack of economy on Earth but everywhere else, there is a monetary based economy. Why? Because Earth has replicator tech and what does that depend on? Energy? What does that depend on? Energy production through dilithium. Everything comes back to dilithium. Once you take that out of the equation, the Federation’s no-money economy would collapse. Much like it did in the show.

They took the concept a few steps further with destroying any ship with active warp (which was a ton of ships) and stranding any others. That was an epic concept. A LOT of Star Fleet personnel died as a result. My mind was going nuts about how this could have happened. Romulan conspiracy? Another Borg Time Travel attempt to destroy the Federation? Or another enemy? My expectations were set because of the sheer epic-ness of the disaster. Surely they will honor all those that died with a good story ending. Right? Not so much.

Overall, that was my biggest disappointment. In the end, it was a scream from some kid that was born on a dilithium planet and gained super powers. HUGE let down! I wanted something more epic, considering the devastation that incurred. Instead, the great scourge of the world is someone whining really loud. Way to go SJWs. You weaponized your whine.

So many people have already commented that they loved the holo-world. I HATED IT. Nothing made sense and it was just so contrived and wonky. I did like the radiation dangers they were facing, at least they had that (they rarely faced that in the past even though it should be a constant danger in space). I wanted them to get out of that holo in the first episode an move on.

I get that they were in the future and had some advancements. Making the com-badges function as everything was cool. Programmable matter was cool. Some of the other concepts of future tech was also cool. But detached nacelles was just a dumb idea and they bothered me. It was like some kind of “space magic” thing I would expect from Dr. Who. And speaking of Dr. Who, I have ALWAYS hated the way the new Trek has portrayed the turbolifts. Are these ships TARDISes. Are the bigger on the inside. Roddenberry based much of the ships designs on his experience in the Navy but these people have no clue. Just tour one of the museum ships. YOU DONT have that kind of room in a ship? Why would you waste that much room!

Yes, the last two were nitpicky. I just want my Star Trek to make sense. Other people just wave their hand away and just take it for what it is.

This is what happens when you take the intelligence out of Star Trek. We have truly dumbed it down.