StellarCon 23 (1999)

StellarCon 23 (1999)

I wanted to thank everyone that participated in StellarCon. The Guild made another amazing showing.  For those that didn’t go, I figured I would briefly go over what you missed.  There was a good bit of quality gaming, from RPGs to Computer gaming, from LARPs to CCGs.  The dealers room was one of the best for StellarCon.  The Guests were nice, if not well known.  The Slave Auction had one of our own, Marcus Reeder, up on the stage, and yes, I bought him just to get him off the stage (for $10).   One of ours partcipated in the costume contest – Mike “George Clooney” Ryan.  We also had a good time with the Call of Cthulhu LARP Saturday night (I died a painful death). It was small and quick, but fun.  If we had more people, it probably would have been longer, but I don’t think I was ready for an all night LARP. It was just what I was looking for.  We closed out the night with a group of us indulging in adult beverages, playing Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, and watching Matt do his “wampa-wampa” dance… (sorry Matt, had to.)  I didn’t get much feedback from the LARP, but when I do, I will let you know.

Overall, a good time was had by all, but it was tamer than cons in the past, probably because we weren’t as involved with events as we usually were. StellarCon is slowly diverging into just a big meeting of friends who want to pay to party and game together.   This could be its downfall, however, because friends grow out of things like this and move on.  They need new blood, like a lot of things in the sci-fi gaming community.  They need something new to brings things to a new level.  I just didn’t feel like this Con had a lot of heart in it.

Anyway, I still had a good time.  More to follow… including Pictures to be posted.

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