StellarCon 30 Review

StellarCon 30 Review

February 17-19, 2006 – High Points

My 6th and final year as Gaming Coordinator, I really wanted to go out with a bang. At a sci-fi con, it is a little hard but I tried to at least improve from the previous year at this hotel (SC 28).

I think I accomplished what I wanted, despite a few major last minute cancellations. Gaming went well thanks to a few very passionate and hard working people, primarily Corey Spillis and his wife. They did so well that I let them take over the gaming for the con. Between them and the Cybertuna gaming community, I think StellarCon gaming can go in the right direction.

Highlights from gaming… my minds a blur… It’s been too long.

I remember nto being able to run my game because I forget the adventure. I also set up to run A&A Minis and that didn’t last long.

The con itself went well. There did seem to be more people, and when the numbers came in, I believe they had more people than last year. The guests were good – Richard Hatch (not my favorite actor), JD Wiker, Sean Reynolds, and Lynn Abbey. I ended up getting an interview on video tape with JD wiker and Sean Reynolds and have been meaning to get that transcribed but have not had the time. I meant ot get another interview with Peter Schweighofer and Lynn Abbey but I never got a chance.

I made a lot of contacts, advertised and got a lot of good feedback about ConCarolinas and had a few good conversations with friends and fellow con managers. Achbar came through and ran a party for us. I was pleased.

This was also the last year for the old-school managers running the con. It was finally passed on to newbies who have seemed to have taken control of the con pretty well. Heck, it can’t be all that bad – I am the Fan Guest of Honor.

Overall, I was pleased with the results of StellarCon for many reasons. It’s a good con and if run well, it can remain that good.