Stram Thoronard

Stram Thoronard

Rodian Bounty Hunter, antagonist to the players.

Era: Rebellion Era, a few months after the destruction of Alderaan

Situation Background: The party is in the Tapani sector, a region in the colonies near the Core that is dominated by noble houses and the politics that tend to accompany them.

They are on a planet called Sheva in a region of the sector formerly called the Free World Region.  This region is no longer ‘free’ now, because it has been taken over by the Empire recently and now the Empire is threatening the rest of the Tapani sector.  The Empire is in the process of changing the Free World Region into a new Sector called Shapani. Sheva is a mining world with a toxic atmosphere, being mined by a corporation called Hansen Mining Conglomerate.  They are sympathetic to one of the houses in Tapani sector (Pelagia) and the Rebels.

Sheva is a high-G unpleasant world.  It’s gravity is an anomaly, varying at times from 2-G to more than 3-G and sometimes almost 4.  The mining colonies have artificial gravity to compensate, but the mines themselves do not. The miners are a unique bunch – huge bruits of varying humanoid species who are highly paid to mine the precious minerals of this world.

The largest mine is deep with in a mountain called Olarius Cor (a mountain the size of Olympus Mons on Mars), but most call it Mine Operation 146 … or just 146.  Deep with these mines are mysteries and rumors of ancient ruins, but the corporation has kept them secret after finding some of the richest veins of minerals in the region.

The Bounty Hunter’s name is Stram Thoronard, and he’s a big muscular Rodian.  Larger than most Rodians, he is not unfamiliar with the latest in strength and performance enhancement drugs.  He is a fine-tuned bounty hunter and assassin, willing to do anything to get the job done.  But he is strict to the requirements of his job of the day – if the target is wanted alive, he delivers it alive.

He enjoys the hunt. He uses methods of his ancient hunting ancestors – a clan named after a beast on Rodia called the Wolvarak.  He likes to very stealthily cut off all routes of escape for his prey and then corner it.  He uses explosives, booby-traps, and covert sensors to trap his prey and stay aware of what is going on around him.

Stram has a long history with the Bounty Hunter Guild and other secret societies that have long disappeared.  He’s older than he’s willing to admit, but still feels strong and able. His reputation does tend to precede him especially in this region, because of the work he has done for one of the Houses. Just under 20 years ago, Stram was on an assignment to take out a family wanted by the house allied with the Empire – House Mecetti.  This family, the Karell family, was on Pelagon, in the Pelagia Province of Tapani.  This was not a capture; this was a kill – wanted dead.

The kill went entirely too easy, but there they lay at Stram’s feet dead – a man and a woman.  The child was missing.  A search of the home found nothing.  When he returned to the room where he killed the parents, they were gone.  No sign of blood or anything.  He had an uneasy feeling about it, but he knew what he saw.  The reports later of their death confirmed it enough for the job, but he still has an uneasy feeling about it ever since.  He later found out the Karell family were wanted Pelagian Jedi force-users.  Stram became known to many in the underground as a Jedi-killer.

The hunt this time is to capture the leadership of the remaining Rebels in the Region.  Since the Empire has taken over this part of the Sector, the Rebels have been scattered and driven deep underground.  Recent intelligence tells Stram that they are re-grouping at Sheva.  The Empire in this region is headed up by an Admiral Krosslin (who is vying to be the region new Moff).  He hired Stram to hunt down and deliver a crippling blow to the Rebels.  He is paying the Rodian a large sum of credits to bring him the leadership alive and destroy their base of operations on Sheva.  Any allies they have with HMC or other factions are open targets for termination.

On Sheva, it took several interrogations before Stram was able to find out that HMC was hiding the Rebels in 146.  Somewhere deep with the mysterious mountain was a Rebel base containing 50 or so personnel, using the Mine Operation’s communications infrastructure to coordinate other fragmentary cells, helping them regroup to make strikes against the Empire along the Tapani/Shapani border.  He also was about to determine that the Rebels have a secret access way through the mine that leads to a hidden shuttle bay.

The problem is the rumors coming out of the mines of mysterious occurrences and disappearances are disturbing.  It didn’t help that the miner society is very superstitious and strange (probably as a result of the gravity shifts within the mines).  Stram’s large size made him a perfect fit with-in the miner society.  His plan was to infiltrate the mine, acquire one of the miners suits, seal off any exit for the Rebels, and find his way into the hidden caverns to find them while the miners are attempting to dig out of the collapse he caused. He would escape through the hidden shuttle bay, remotely calling your ship to his location.

That was working fine until someone came to rescue the miners.  They apparently knew about the Rebels as well, and are rescuing them too.  This is the party and they are adding a new complication to things.  It’s best to take them out quietly before they add more complication.  The problem is Stram is getting that uneasy feeling again.

We left the game with Stram just entering the picture and using a specially design Rodian-needler to take out the first character.  This has a knock out effect.

Stram has an array of weaponry and equipment that has been specially made for him.  The needler is just an example.  He also has a holographic-body field that allows him to hide deep in the shadows when he is still.  The holo-screen doesn’t work well when Stram moves, but it works well when he is still and in the shadows.

He also has an array of remote-sensor bugs he places along the walls to signal him when someone is coming toward his direction.  He also has several smoke, and darkness grenades (cause darkness for 2d6 rounds in a radius of 20 m).

He also has a sufficient amount of high explosives to be used to being down the roof on the Rebel base.

He has a visor he wears under the suit helmet that has several visionary capabilities, including IR and night-vision.  His suit underneath the miner suit is fully automated with comlink to his ship, HUD to the visors and targeting systems when needed.  A full body-computer array is hooked up to it to aid you in this acquisition.

Bounty Hunter: Stram Thoronard

Adult Male Rodian Soldier 7/Bounty Hunter 10 (Size Medium)

Str 15lnt14Spd 10m
Fort+11Init+9(+5 Dex, +4 Bonus)
Ref+12Def26 (+5 Dex, +11 Class)


+19/+14/+9/+4 melee

(1d3+2, punch)

+19/+14/+9/+4 melee

(2d1 0+5, crit 20 Vibro-Ax [Mastercraft +3)}

+19/+19/+19/+14/+9/+4 or +17/+17/+17/+17/+12/+ 7/+2 ranged

(4d8+3, crit 18-20 Blaster [Heavy Repeating, Mastercraft +3])

+22/+17/+12/+ 7 or +18/+18/+18/+13/+8/+3 ranged

(3d8+3, crit 18-20, Blaster [Carbine, Mastercraft +3])


Sneak attack +5d6

Target bonus +5


Blast vest and Helmet [Mastercraft +3] (Damage Reduction: 5)

Blaster [Carbine, Mastercraft +3]

Blaster [Heavy Repeating, Mastercraft +3]

Vibro-Ax [Mastercraft +3]


Bluff +23, Climb +15, Demolitions +21 , Disguise +18, Gather Information +23, Hide +11 , Intimidate +14, Move Silently +9, Read/Write Basic, Read/Write Rodese, Sense Motive + 7, Speak Basic, Speak Rodese, Spot +12


Armor Proficiency (light), Far Shot, Heroic Surge, Improved Critical (Blaster [Carbine], Blaster [Heavy Repeating]), Improved Initiative, Multishot, Point Blank Shot, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot, Track, Weapon Focus (Blaster [Heavy Repeating]), Weapons Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy weapons, simple weapons, vibro weapons)


He has a 17-20 Crit Range on his weapons because he took Improved critical- Heavy Repeater/Blaster Carbine, and he customized them both (Arms and Equipment Guide) If he uses the Heavy Repeater without the tripod, he suffers an additional-2 penalty on all his shots. Setting up the tripod is a move action. He can also avoid the -2 by bracing on something or going prone … The vibro-ax is for force users that have Dissipate energy. (It isn’t an energy weapon so it does normal damage, very nice when dealing with force users)

He got it all mastercrafted for a service rendered at some point in time …

Mission Specific Weapons/Equipment:

Holo-screen – +1 0 to Hide when still; +5 to Move Silently when moving 1/4 move. -5 to both when moving at Move or faster.

Limited power- 1 charge lasts 10 minutes. 2 Charges left.

Rodian-Needler- Damage: 1 d4; Critical: 19-20; Range Increment: 6 meters; Weight: 1.0 kg; Stun Damage/Fort DC: 21 + target bonus; Type: Piercing; Size: small; Group: Slugthrower; Game Notes:

Radian Needier uses a special needle that adds a bonus to it’s Fort Save DC. The difference between
the target’s Defense and the successful Hit roll is added to the DC. ( +19/+14/+9/+4)
Remote Sensor Bugs- placed in a particular area, these devices can alert the user through a com link
signal that it detects something in its vicinity. If linked to a Hud & Body Comp Array, a series of still
pictures can be sent.
Body-Comp Array- A computer warn on the body, it patches in to program units (progits) that aid the
user. Linked to the Remote Sensor bugs, remote detonators, visor, and targeting systems.

  • Targeting Systems: +3 to the first shoVattack on a ranged weapon. Ignore size modifiers and
    movement modifiers.
  • Visor Link- IR, Star-light, and UV

1 Comment on “Stram Thoronard

  1. > Is there anychance I will be able to
    > get away with one of those three commanders
    > or is Stram going to remain an annoyance?
    > I’d like to have them experience some failure.

    I doubt it would serve the plot at this current time to have them fail. This Rebel plot is a small portion of a much larger plot that I need to get to. A delay here would take too much time and I really don’t want to deal with that at this time. It doesn’t work for the plot.

    The players have experienced failure many times.

    Another piece of intel that wasn’t given to you is that there is another rebel-like faction that is particular involved in this region called JAN – Justice Action Network. They are a terrorist group who don’t feel that the Rebels are doing enough. They aren’t afraid to drag non-combatants into the war against the Empire. They have been driven so underground in this region that they have to hide as Rebels. They also don’t like the Rebels and would like to see them leave the sector.

    The Empire really doesn’t know alot about JAN, becaue their intel simply lumps them in together with the Rebels.

    > Along those same lines, is there any chance I can
    > use lethal force against the Heroes?
    > …
    > If the campaign is ending anyway…why not let
    > the bad ass bounty hunter get away with one of
    > the prizes and kill a hero? It would make the
    > campaign surely memorable!

    No. Death is not fun and I don’t kill PCs. You can hurt them, and even take wounds from them, but killing is out of the question. These guys have worked too long with these characters to have them die.

    Aside from all that, it’s not the BH style to outright kill, unless totally necessary. In this situation, he would prefer to incapacitate the non-targets and bystanders and only deal with those that get directly in the way i.e those characters guarding the targets. Dealing with them would include lethal force.

    > I am SURE they will not hesitate to off me (especially
    > that Maeth!).

    Of course, but Stram is an NPC. And will always be one.

    > It’s painfully obvious that I have no way to counter
    > Gustav …

    Where we left the campaign – at the Soulchamber – is where the players are supposed to get Gustav’s body back. The Soulchamber contains the trapped dark spirit of a black hole or void dragon. This was a dark side dragon, but it’s been trapped here for a LOOOOOONG time and in doing this, Chaos was able to reach it and start converting it to a dark matter dragon. This is all the hidden secret of Sheva.

    Well, the PCs have to reach into the trapped dark sprirt, through the link between it and chaos and find Gustav and pull him out.

    Meanwhile, Stram will cause new complications if he gets a chance to. I know that Starian is heading back to face you and “end things”. That face off could be interesting. Stram is confident enough to know he can handle Starian.

    Stram’s hours are numbered. Let’s just say that.

    > I was cosidering trying jury-rig up some
    > kind of sonic or sound based attack on the
    > Jedi or Maeth.

    THis is possible, I doubt you will be able to put something together in the limited amount of time Stram has.

    > Also thinking about some kind of REALLY
    > bad Tram diaster. What’s your spin on chemical
    > weapons?

    I don’t think this is Stram’s style.

    > At the very least, having the Hidden Menace
    > spray Starship fire …

    We’re back down deep in the mountain again, and soon will be on the other side of the planet. I doubt the Hidden Menace will help in anything at this time.

    > That way I fulfilled my contract.
    > Rebel base and supplies-buried under
    > lava. One of the Command staff for
    > Admiral Krosslin to play with. And the
    > Heroes still save 47 Rebels (minus the
    > ONE I grab and the two I killed). Of course
    > I could always thin out that number a bit.

    If this happens at all, and you are able to escape the confrontation(s) to come, it would only be bacause it serves a greater purpose to the plot. I may make one of those three targets a JAN agent and the players find that out afterwards. This way, your purpose is served and there is no need for hte players to go after the guy.

    > If you do let me take the gloves off…

    Nope, the gloves stay duck-taped on. Stram was just introduced as a minor menace. I have several major menaces I have to deal with later.

    However, this leads me to my idea. There may be a chance for you to play those menacing bad guys too. I like the idea of someone else playing the bad guy. I have the stats on some of them and can get more when they come up. How do you feel about being my plug-in bad guy player? :-).

    Most of the time, however, the times you’d be playing them are when they players finally confront them. So it would be in combat situations. ANd in some cases, I would want the PCs being brought close to death.

    But no dying… not yet, at least. I only kill when it makes sense in the plot.

    ASSUMING you get passed the confrontation coming up… which I may choose to make Stram’s final stand – or close to it. You have to remember that no matter what, Stram is still an NPC…

    > How’s this for a great idea:
    > 1) Stow away on the Tram
    > 2) Get to their second secret base
    > 3) That one HAS to have Gravity and Atmposhperic
    > adjustment systems
    > 4) Break off from the group and sabotage the systems for
    > gravity to
    > seriously reverse on my detonation ( go from normal to
    > let’s say 4x-6x)
    > 5) After everyone is pinned to the floor, casually walk
    > by all of them–THAT would drive them CRAZY!!!–get my
    > man, of course the General, and leave.
    > 6) Stram would know about this mysterious etheral guy
    > problem and could set up some distraction so he was no
    > where near the reat allowing him to
    > get away with little interfence for mr. ghost
    > 7) Talk about insult to injury and I KNOW they wouldn’t
    > see that coming.

    This interests me, but again, it assumes a lot. We’ll see. By this time, Stram may be limping and bleeding toi the point that he could barely think let alone set charges somewhere.

    We’ll see…