04.7 Strength Skills

04.7 Strength Skills


This is the skill to scale various surfaces.  Difficulties for this skill are included in the “Movement” chapter. Note that taking care in climbing and carrying 50% or more of the character’s body weight slows the character down by two meters or more per round.  Conditions that affect the roll may be taking care in climbing, degree of angle in the climb, whether the character is prepared to climb, and how much they are carrying.

Action Difficulty
Scale surface with many hand and footholdsModerate
Scale surface with few hand and footholdsDifficult
Scale surface with no hand or footholdsHeroic
Stop a fallLegendary

Skill Use: Scaling – Climbing human-made structures requires a set of skills similar to but not exactly like that needed for rock climbing. The scaling skill use of Climbing covers everything from pyramids to skyscrapers.

Skill Bonus Synergy: Improved Scaling (Prerequisite: Craft/Repair – Construction 5D+ or Scholar – Construction 5D+) – With one’s skill in construction and design, the character can scale a man-made structure a little better.  Use either Craft-Construction or Scholar-Construction in the bonus skill roll to add to the Primary skill roll of Climbing when scaling a man-made structure.


Moving or lifting heavy objects, as well as representing the ability to inflict additional damage with strengthpowered weapons.

At the gamemaster’s discretion, a player may make a lifting check when his character first picks up an object. (Generally, if the object’s weight would give it a difficulty equal to or greater than one-half of the character’s lifting, rounded up, or the object is being lifted hastily or under stress, the gamemaster should require a lifting roll.)

For each round the object is carried, the character makes another check to see if he can continue to carry the object. If he fails the roll, he is too exhausted and must put the object down. If the character is doing anything else at the time (other than walking slowly or talking), continuing to carry the object counts as a multi-action.

Abridged Lifting Table

1 kgEasy
10 kgEasy
50 kgEasy
100 kgModerate
120 kgModerate
200 kgDifficult
250 kgDifficult
500 kgVery Difficult
750 kgHeroic
1,000 kg (1 ton)Legendary
1,100-2,000 kgLegendary
(+1 to base of 33 per 100 kg over 1,000 kg)
2,500-10,000 kgLegendary +10
(+1 to base of 43 per 500 kg over 2,000 kg)
15,000-100,000 kgLegendary +20
(+1 per to base of 59 per 5,000 kg over 10,000 kg)

The gamemaster may further subdivide the lifting chart if desired to include the weights for the difficulties not listed here.  Lifting Fatigue Modifier are generally from the amount of time spent lifting.

Time SkillModifier to Roll
1-6 rounds0
7 rounds to 3 minutes-5
3-10 minutes-10
10-30 minutes-15
30-60 minutes-20

Note: After the first hour, the character must make a check once per hour at the same difficulty as one hour. If the character fails the roll, then he must rest for twice as long as he was lifting the weight.


Moving quickly on the ground while avoiding obstacles and keeping from stumbling. Difficulties for these skills are included under Movement.


Moving and surviving in a liquid medium. Difficulties for these skills are included under Movement.