Super Bowl not so super for me

Super Bowl not so super for me

Well, Giants won much to my chagrin. I think I wanted them to lose more than I wanted the Patriots to lose. It was the Super Bowl with the team that I cannot stand verus the team I cannot pull for. I cannot stand ANY team from New York. I cannot pull for the Patriots because they beat the Panthers in the Super bowl in 2004.

SO it was kind of lame but at least we got to see some good football. Even the half time show was lame. They have gotten so conservative since the “wardrobe malfunction”. But at least the commercials were cool!

Giants did what they had to do. Sack Brady! And they did 5 times. After the 2 sacks back to back, I knew he was done. Brady does not handle that well. Manning does not either but they could not get to him. It was like he was covered in oil. They played well and deserved to win.

Now I just have to tolerate my sister-in-law for the next year.

The Panthers need to get their sh*t straight and win a super bowl, if only to shut her up! 🙂

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