Superior Synergy: Future and Modern

Superior Synergy: Future and Modern

From: Misfit Studios

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Superior Synergy: Future and Modern is a new d20 Rule Supplement PDF from Misfit Studios.

Possibly the most under-used aspect of d20 in my game is Synergy. It is a great concept, just not implemented well. Superior Synergy is a PDF series that expands and explores it, in hopes to make it more practical for higher level characters. Superior Synergy: Future and Modern covers skills and feats found in the open license related to d20 Modern and d20 Future.

From page # 1: “Did you ever think it odd that a regular, 20-level character can normally purchase as many as 23 ranks in a given skill, yet skill synergy begins and ends at just 5 ranks?”

Superior Synergy: Future and Modern is laid out into 2 sections. One covers Superior Skill Synergy and the other covers a new concept called Feat Synergy. Because d20 Modern/Future is a little less formal about synergy, this PDF covers a lot more material. It covers just about every skill in the d20 Modern system, skipping only a few. One of the big ones is computer use (I get the feeling the author is in IT). For almost 2 pages the author covers a variety of synergy opportunities with computer use.

Skill ranks for synergy range from 5 to 20 and it is not always a bonus to something else. Sometimes it enables the player to substitute a skill for another, given the proper specialized tools, like substituting computer use skill for forgery when the proper computer software and tools are available. There is a good variety of synergetic circumstances described in this volume, giving players plenty of opportunity to maximize their effectiveness in skill use.

From page # 15: “In a way, allowing synergy between feats acts as an additional feat unto itself.”

Like extending skill synergy, feat synergy is something I have thought about for a long time. To some, this may be a little too much, perhaps borderline power gaming. It all depends on the group a GM has. Some players abuse the concepts of feats as it is. Feat synergy basically gives the players an additional bonus and game mechanic with the right kind of feat combination. Many of them are more than two feats, so it is not like they are easy to get. Examples are feat synergy for Acrobatics, Dodge and Focused or feat synergy for Athletic, Endurance and Great Fortitude. Some are very specialized and narrow, so it is not too overpowering. There are about 40 instances of Feat Synergy described in these pages.

In conclusion, the one problem I have with this is that it is hard to look up something quick. You have to read through all the Skill Synergy entries to find what you need. There should be a sub-heading with each entry denoting what skill the synergy is applying to. It does have sub-headings for each level of skill ranks 5, 10, 15 and 20 – but under that I would like some kind of reference to be able to look up a particular skill. They could at least bold face the skills in the text so they are easy to see. The interior art is nothing to write home about but the formatting (other than what I mentioned above) is acceptable.

Despite my one problem with it, this concept is something I have been wanting to do for a while. It is very comprehensive and extensive. It is imaginative and useful for those long-term d20 gamers. I plan to use it in my d20 Future game when I get it started.

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Superior Synergy: Future and Modern

From: Misfit Studios

Type of Game: d20 Rule Supplement PDF

Written by: Steven Trustrum

Art by: David Hamilton

Number of Pages: 22

Game Components Included: One PDF file

Game Components Not Included: Core d20 rulebooks

Retail Price: $ 1.50 (US)


Reviewed by: Ron McClung