SW BoS Characters


BoS Characters
  • Baron Joseph SlavakBaron Joseph Slavak
    Human Count of House Pelagia & The Gorda of Tara’Nak. Played by Chris Fisher
  • Gustave GreydrakeGustave Greydrake
    Human Warrior Monk & Ambassador’s Assistant from the Lost Holdings of Pelagia. Played by John Reavis
  • Jason Din’altJason Din'alt
    Human Noble Former Pelagia Baron (reinstatement pending)/wandering gambler House Pelagia. Played by Chris Jarrett
  • Kelphus StarianKelphus Starian
    Space Transport Specialist & Bountey Hunter. Played by Matt Holmquist
  • Maeth DrakkaMaeth Drakka
    Human Pilot & Space Explorer. First mate of the Freeman’s Demise. Played by Bill Barrier
  • Stram ThoronardStram Thoronard
    Rodian Bounty Hunter


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