SW Darkstryder Quote List

SW Darkstryder Quote List


{Warning: Some quotes may offend}

From Masters of Exocron

Dajus: I’m used to the cold. I work with Adrimetrium.

Samarion (after eating): I’m hungry.

Christian Hine (as B’Dorbeck): I’m a diplomat. I hope I have persuasion.

Unknown: This could be a bad idea.

SLAVE: I’m SLAVE. I’m here to liberate you.

B’Dorbeck: Do I get the new weapon?
Gorak: I don’t care. Just don’t point it at me.

Thyte: I did in one command what took you three months.

From Into the Rift: Waystation

Bifzik: You want me to go out there? Its dark.

Kl’aal (referencing the Waystation “ferryboat’s” ill-health): Its got worms. Ew.

Dervious: You’ll get more information if you hurt them, not kill them.

Gorak: In that case, with all the hurt you’ve had, you must have giving up lots of information.

Goines (as Unda while he falls)
: My second action is simple, SPLAT!!!

SLAVE: Are you having trouble removing bounty hunter from the rug?

Christian Hine(Commenting on the GM’s chalk board combat-map artistry): Oh my God, it’s parentheses.

Brophar: Landing thrusters… landing thrusters… If I were a landing thruster, where would I be?

SLAVE: I am not going to kill you, you’re too important.

Dajus: This feels so good, it must be wrong.

Bifzik: You want me to go out there? Its dark.

From Showdown at Home

Gorak mumbling under his breath: They have no warriors? That must be why they are so easy to catch.
(Referring to the Yvarema)

Gorak: No problem. Shall I fetch the nail gun? Oh, I’m not first officer anymore.

From EndGame

Neil: He’s just putting on airs, like the Captain.

Bifzik (Commenting on all the secret transmission suddenly surfacing): Is everyone sending coded transmissions but me?

Ed (Before Sooni goes on a scout mission to unknown space): Sooni, your call sign is AAAHHHH!

Ed: Two, four, six, eight, who do we obliterate?

Hasslock (Talking to Sarne while standing next to Dajus): I’m not her new consort!

Chris F: It was a good ship.
: When?

Ron(GM): OK, who is going down to the planet this time.
Matt: Dajus is going down
Ron(GM): I just love it when Dajus goes down.

B’Dorbeck: To hell with diplomacy. I want to kill something.


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