SW LotBS Campaign Plot Summary

SW LotBS Campaign Plot Summary


General Plot Summary

I went back to my notes and tried to summarize my plot line. Some of this may be original while some of this may be from some Star Wars source that I no longer have.

This campaign was an evolving plot line inspired by various things including a book I read at the time, Engines of God by Jack McDevitt, and aspects of the last Tapani campaign. Some events in the last Tapani campaign effected the dimensional fabric of the universe (the destruction of the Dark Planet, and the attempts by the Chaos Force to break through). This I linked to a mythical “dark force wind” that once effected the region of space around Soccoro. Also, elements of my first Star Wars d6 campaign would find its way into this campaign. In particular, linking it to the Stellar Dragons and the dragon blood spice trade (from the second Tapani Sector camapign).

I also had plans to link it to Xim the Despot and his legacy into the plot line. The d20 adventure Tempest Feud also had some elements (Tempest) I was trying to work into the campaign. Along with that, I was working the adventure, The Barani Conspiracy, from the back of the Sisar Run source book.

Key to the plot was how I placed Soccoro relative to the rest of the Sisar Run and Hutt Space. I isolated Soccoro behind Agaris Dust Cloud, Kandaran Nebula, and Uthondus Debris Field, which makes hyperspace navigation difficult. This is one single route from Sriluur to Soccoro.


Force Wind/Novolec Beacon

This dark force wind was once a strange anomaly that traversed lights years across this edge of the galaxy during the ancient times. This wind caused strange effects on many of the civilizations it met along its path. To some it would devolve the races, especially if they were force users. The wind “sucked” out the force out of all on the planet. It seems that it was particular attracted to the worlds with the most force-using citizens. The M’onnok and the Sharu were one of those races effected by this effect. I also created a race called the Tarneks. The source of this wind’s source is said to be the Novolec Beacon.

The three races that were most effected by the Wind worked together to build defences against it. The Sharu and the Tarneks devised a means to “temporarily” devolve their races in order to prevent the wind‘s attraction. The M’onnok’s were the first test of this devolution. However, the tests went horribly wrong. The m’onnok devolved further than they had planned. However, the wind no longer paid the m’onnok’s world a visit again.

The M’onnok collective “essence” was stored in the far northern cap of Soccoro, hidden awaiting release. If released, the M’onnok may regain their sentience and reclaim their world.

Hyperspace Wormholes

The Force Wind is long overdue. This is primarily because the Tarneks had figured out how to stop the wind – through a super-spacial release valve that forms hyperspace wormholes. This method of containment was only discovered after the Sharu and the M’onnok were already devolved. The guilt of this has driven the Tarnek into hiding and obscurity. Their entire race has dedicated themselves religiously to the hyperspace wormholes.

However, at the time of the campaign, the Tarnek are dying out. Their dedication to their penance had reduced their population growth to dangerous levels. When they were discovered by Kradan Bag’lar and his Black Sun agents, they were enslaved. Bag’lar discovered their secret and opened secret routes to the Tapani sector.

Their power has grown since they started and now they have incredible power over spacial dimensions and space travel. However, it takes a great amount of power from the force-users to the Tarnek; so much so that at least one dies at each opening.

Recently, the wormholes have been acting erratic. The dimensional distrortions caused by the Dark Planet distruction have caused an overload in Novolec Beacon and this may have re-awakened the Winds.

Kadran Bag’lar

Bag’lar was a rising lieutenant in the Black Sun when he made the deal with Imperial High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne. He smuggled special spice processed in special bacta for Tremayne. This operation developed into one Bag’lar held secret even from his Black Sun superiors. He had an elite team of smugglers and was working with a unwitting group of House Reena nobles to smuggle “red bacta” into Tapani. It was a very lucrative business. He built a strong power base that made many Vigo’s jealous. His boss, Sprax, did not give any indication he knew about it.

Bag’lar’s fall was fast and silent. Key to that collapse was the actions of Kelphus Starian, a rogue smuggler in the Tapani Sector. Bag’lar’s seccond – Apolus Grimishon – was quick to take his place once Bag’lar was reported missing. Grimishon salvaged what he could and created an equally covert operation of spice running. Key to this was the elimination of any knowledge of Bag’lar’s old operation. Grimishon initiated a campaign to assassinate or capture anyone that was related to Bag’lar’s operation.

However, Bag’lar hid information about his operation on “the ‘net” and Grimishon is seeking that information out. Bag’lar used his best slicers to hide key inforamtion about the secret wormhole routes and the Tarnek in a virtualized puzzle, created by the Slicer Drase.

A young Squib hacker was hired by other factions from Soccoro to also hunt this data down. Mal Biron wants this data to dree himself from the grip of the Black Sun. Soccoro pulled him into the Black Bhalir and then the smugglers of Sisar Run pulled him into the battle with the Disac Pirates, making him some kind of hero and putting him in a position of power on Soccoro. At a time when he needed help the most, Mal was approached with help from two different sources – (1) Sprax and the Black Sun and a mysterious figure called The Duke. Mal chose the Black Sun and regretted the decision not long afterwards. As he dug himself deeper into the Black Sun, he realized he was running out of options to get out. He finally turned to The Duke again, who brought the hyperspace wormhole data to Mal’s attention.

Sprax is only recently awaare of Bag’lar’s operation and how has sent out agents to take care of things.


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