SW LotBS Items/Locations

SW LotBS Items/Locations


  • Ac’fren Spur
    The Ac’fren Spur was a hyperlane and a branch of the larger Sisar Run. T
  • Beacon Shadow
    A station built out of an old Clone War era droid factory, this station is positioned near the Novolek Beacon.
  • Dles System
    The Dles system contained Dles IV and was located within the Periphery.
  • Nebula Bandit
    {A ship I think the players used in the first run of this campaign}
  • Nwarcol Point
    Nwarcol Point, also known as the Sisar Terminal, was a major refueling starport located in the Nwarcol system where the Sisar Run and Salin Corridor merged.
  • Reibrin System
    The Reibrin system, in the Ansuroer sector, contained Lijuter, the Houk homeworld.
  • Sisar Run & Soccoro Star Map
    Star Maps of how I integrated Socorro and Sisar Run
  • Socorro & Surrounding Locations
    Socorro… Land of black sands, old values, and deep honor.
  • Starknife
    The Starknife was a modified Kuat Drive Yards D9 Runner light freighter
  • Terman Station
    Terman Station was a space station in the Terman system of the Periphery, between Sriluur and Hutt Space along the Sisar Run.
  • The Ring City Mines
    Mining City
  • Thrugii Asteroid Belt
    The Thrugii Asteroid Belt

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