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Ice Daemon d20 Minions Conversions

Yeti Large monstrous humanoid (cold) These are the legendary abominable snowmen, Sasquatch or Bigfoot.  Although immensely strong and therefore dangerous to humans, the yeti are none the less seen here to be herbivorous. These creatures are known to keep company with animals,

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One Night Traveller (or any Sci-Fi) Adventure

From the Guild’s GM Improv Contest 1997 Prep: The players can have a ship, but it is not required Initial Pull: The players are a group of trouble-shooting mercenaries. They have been together for only a short while. On a particular

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Titansgrave Adventure: Fire in the Sky

An Idea I came up with inspired by a craft of an ancient fortress I am building. Best comment about this terrain craft: Crickey! It looks like Skeletor took control of Cobra! BASICS Elements The Church of the Long Night:

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Adventure: Hijacking

This is a sub-adventure that I put together as part of the Rage campaign but separate it out as I had a few ideas to enhance it.  BASICS The PCs are escorting a group of VIPs  and their cargo to

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Adventure: Rage and the One-Device

This adventure I think was inspired by the movie, The Dark Crystal.  I just loved the concept behind it and thought it could be done with ancient technology.  This influenced a Star Frontiers campaign I later developed. BASICS In the

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Adventure: Vault

Some basic notes on an adventure idea I wrote.  Another unfinished idea. BASICS The PCs are agents of Tower sent to a remote Reich world called Vault.  The Reich has established a mining facility there and two colony towns for

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Adventure: A Few Good Men

Again, another incomplete adventure idea I wrote for Reich Star. BASICS Captain Jonathan C. “JC” Terrence is a wealthy German-American with documented Aryan heritage.  He is looking for a few good men (and women).  His wealth is based in an

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Adventure: Atlanta Project

This is a short summary of an incomplete adventure outline I was writing for Reich Star.  I have no idea what the “project” was supposed to be, however. BASICS The PCs are Tower agents.  The Tower wants the PCs to

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Adventure: The Spear of Destiny

An incomplete adventure that Ken gave me some time ago. I added some expansion to it, as note because I think I might use it for a one shot.

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Adventure Ideas from Ken

This is a series of plot ideas given to be by Ken sometime ago for the Classic version of Reich Star.  Many of these can be converted to Savage Reich Star by simply keeping it in the solar system. Escape from Inferno –

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